Fortnite - Stars and Stripes Outfits and Gear now available

I still haven't taken the plunge and purchased content in Fortnite, but I do feel the lure to do so. I know it's only cosmetic, but I spend so much time with the game, I feel like I should spruce myself up!

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I see spending in moderation as fine. Being a free game, they've got to make a little money somehow. If it's fun and you wanna throw the devs a little $, I say do it Smile Just don't go crazy like some people I know O.O

Oh hey a new variant on the bear skin. If the name isn't a pun on Teddy Roosevelt then that will be a missed opportunity.

Hmm... I know nothing about this game, but looking at that bear thing, the first thing to come to my mind was Teddy Bruiser-velt.

Extra costumes are virtually $12 or more each. Insane. The season pass is a hell of a deal, but I can't justify these prices for outfits.

I see other free to play games basically doing the same thing. Feels like they're milking their whales as hard as they can.


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