Ubisoft still claims that Steep is on the way to Switch

Steep and Redout are competing for the longest time passed between announcement and release for a Switch game. The Redout team just said their game is still coming this year, and today Ubisoft has once again said Steep is still planned for Switch. They don't have a release date, but apparently the game is still in the works. My money is on Redout seeing release and Steep getting canned.

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Wed Jul 11 18 01:41pm
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Dragon Quest XI currently holds the record for the longest time passed between announcement and release for a Switch game.

2015 to now, it was the first game announced for the system, period.

I could totally see there being some weird/awesome collaboration between Ubisoft and Nintendo for the Switch version of Steep. They are very buddy buddy with that stuff right now.

Imagine, it was delayed to put in Mario/Zelda/Splatoon/etc characters in it.

That'd be awesome.

Wed Jul 11 18 02:22pm
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Steep turning into 1080° Snowboarding Switch ;)

Or that, yeah. :p I just feel that, if they mean it that the game is still coming, I feel it'd 'have' to be a bit different (or else no one would care), and with Nintendo and Ubisoft's recent colab deals with Nintendo characters, I could totally see something like that happening.

You speak smart. Just imagine the squid kids in this ;)

I am trying to imagine Judd skiing down the mountains only to be tripped by Little Judd. It is too good to not happen.

Wed Jul 11 18 02:26pm
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If Pocket Rumble released anything is possible.

It seems foolish to release it now. Three original game wasn't even that well-received right?

Wed Jul 11 18 05:50pm
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That's a steep promise


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