Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Wolf amiibo releasing Dec. 7th, 2018, re-releases of Smash Wii U/3DS amiibo later this year

Oh man, how absolutely awesome looking is that Wolf amiibo?! I was just saying earlier today that I don't have room for more amiibo, and now this one pops up! Looks like I'm going to have to make some space!


Don't care about Wolf, but I preordered Inkling Girl (which will be my fourth amiibo of her) and Ridley.

Probably should clear off a third shelf...

Wed Jul 11 18 11:21pm
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I wanna get a Wolf amiibo, but not if it's on his Star Fox Zero design. Not really a fan of it.

Nice that restocks/re-releases are coming. Hopefully I can find Bayonetta, Villager, Rosalina and Wario this time.

Wed Jul 11 18 11:32pm
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It would be neat if they created an additional use for Amiibos in the new Smash Bros. I don't feel like having a CPU buddy is a very compelling purpose.

Just as I thought… RMC is a dang furry.

:P It actually looks pretty cool.

Thu Jul 12 18 04:36am
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Wolf and Ridley will be mine! Im so happy! Though that bumped up price tag...yeesh...

Also I need Ice Climbers and Pichu too. Oh and if they announce K.Rool or Dixie as newcomers I will need them too. Then I think my obsessive amiibo addiction will finally come to an end.

Thu Jul 12 18 06:27am
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Why are these $3 more than the original smash amiibo?

Can’t wait to finally get Villager or Zero Suit Samus!

+ Jigglypuff and Lucina and Cloud and Corrin

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