Take-Two finds success on Switch, pledges more support

Take-Two hasn't put out much for Switch so far, but what they've done has turned out well for them. The company confirmed that their Switch titles have been successful. With NBA 2K19 and Carnival Games on the way, Take-Two CEO Straus Zelnick said that the company does indeed have other content coming. No specific details, but hopefully we'll hear more on that support soon.

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Probably more party games like Carnival Games. It's the easiest effort on their part and probably gets the most return on investment

Mon Jul 23 18 12:45pm
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GTA5. Come on! We all know the Switch can run it.

Either bring over GTA5 or remake Chinatown Wars in the modern style. Just saying

Mon Jul 23 18 01:11pm
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Red Dead Redemption 1 and I’ll be happy for now. Thanks.

This. God. If the Switch got a port of RDR I would be over the moon.

But then again they'd probably release it on half a cart like how they ruined L.A. Noire...

Probably Battleborn and a remaster of Lester the Unlikely.

i can see battleborn being played seriously on the switch. switch just doesnt have enough of that type of game on its system and battleborn isnt a bad game.

I think they can benefit a lot by porting Bioshock The Collection on Switch

Oh yes. With all the DLC would be perfect.

I only care to see GTAV from them. Though I bet it's another Carnival Games....

I would buy GTA V for a 3rd time if it came to the Switch.

Yeah, I never played GTAV or RDR, so having either one of them on the system would be great. Really enjoyed Wolfenstein II and would be down for a more mature game again.


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