Falcom explains why they supported PSP over DS years ago

Falcom recently released Ys VIII for Switch, but they really haven't had much history at all with Nintendo. That was especially true during the DS/PSP era, where Falcom went with PSP. Ever wonder why that is? Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo and founder Masayuki Kato recently explained the situation in an interview with DenFamiNicoGamer.

Toshihiro Kondo, Falcom President: At the time the Nintendo DS was extremely popular, so there was a flow of all the companies going with DS. After looking at the lineup of games that were selling on DS, we had a bit of a difficult time picturing our products fitting in there. Family-oriented games and games focusing on a younger audience were the ones becoming hits, after all.

In the end, the reason we decided to go with the PSP was because we determined that PSP users and Falcom fans simply overlapped. Although it was from there that people started saying “Falcom hates Nintendo.” [laughs]

Masayuki Kato, Falcom Founder: That’s right, always from a certain message board. [laughs]

Toshihiro Kondo: It’s not that we hate them, rather, we’ve always been wanting to become closer to them. [laughs] When the DS was booming, I went with former president Yamasaki (former Falcom president Shinji Yamasaki) to greet them in Kyoto. At the time we even had their approval for development.

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almost sure that certain board is 2ch.

still... As long as Cold Steel 3 and 4 hit switch all will be forgiven. ;)

Not without CS I/Ii, otherwise it would be utterly pointless and a waste of time o just port III and IV, especially since those two are made for advanced systems in mind. I do hope they consider porting their oldest PCE/PC88 games to Switch though, and early 2000s windows games like Ys I-III and Origin, VI, etc

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I mean Square Enix and Atlus would disagree, but I guess that is from a perspective from an American, where most PRGs are still niche. In Japan, if something like an Etrian Odyssey did well, it could still be a family game, I guess.

I mean SMT still says hello but oh well....

EDIT: After further research, official numbers (https://sites.google.com/site/gamedatalibrary/game-search) put SMT Strange Journey at only 142k in Japan, wit SMT IV, the second best selling game in the series (in Japan, first world side) is at 260k retail, and probably more than double Strange Journey with digital. So I guess DS was a family console there too.
3DS on the other hand, they probably didn't like that it was an incredibly under powered system, same with NIS. Everyone else was a lot more willing to do exclusives so install base was more important.

Ys 8 was one of the best JRPGs I played in a while, so I’ll happily pick up anything Falcom puts on Switch. The Trails in the Sky trilogy has been long overdue for a modern console port, and I’d love to see the Ys games that are hitting Xbox One, PS4 and PC to come to Switch.

If anything, with people's opinions about Octopath Traveler being a bit more split whereas opinions on Ys VIII wherever I looked were overly positive, Ys VIII, not Octopath Traveler, may well be the best RPG on Switch released this Summer.

I recommend anyone support its release, Falcom really known their stuff. I mean we need support from Square Enix too, but Falcom is rather consistent quality-wise, Square Enix perhaps ever so slightly less so. Both companies need to see that Switch players are willing to put their money down on their games coming to the system anyway, but just saying, Falcom deserves being supported.

Opinions are split on Octopath" Other than the Kotaku review, everything I have seen online is praise....

I didn't mean split as in split between good or bad, everyone agrees that it is a great game, but there are some complaints nonetheless, mainly about the narrative. Nobody complains about the visuals or the battle system, whenever there's a point of contention raised, it has to do with the lack of interactions between the characters themselves outside of when they team up, with which I would agree.

Ys VIII received no such complaints about its story. It averages just a little under Octopath on Gamerankings (Octopath averages at 85 and Ys VIII at 82.5%, though admittedly Ys VIII got a lot less coverage). For me, they both deserve high marks but Ys VIII turned out to be the more enjoyable experience of the two.

I haven't gotten far enough in to say myself, but if it goes as I expect, if each story is strong on its own, even if small, then I think thats just as good as an overarching plot. As long as the world, the characters, and their stories are fine, there doesn't need to be some great evil or general conflict. Personal stories are just as valuable.

How they could screw up ports of ys1 and 2 for the ds is beyond me.

Yeah, Interchannel ported both games to the DS and they were godawful. Changing the battle system, awful MIDI music, ugly 3D graphics, they were pretty shit ports. Then to add insult to injury, Atlus translated it and screwed most of the names up. The people giving NISA shit for the OG Ys VIII translation don't seem to remember how Atlus did it far worse for Ys I-II since it wasn't just typos, incorrect item descriptions and literal translations in that case, but rather typos, mistranslated character and location names and awful phrasing that I found more annoying than the TGCD version in a few cases (Though that had bad phrasing too)

Tell me about it..it's not like the games required 3d graphics to do proper ports of the games because you never see a lot of DS games with those graphics.

Ys book 1 and two is my personal favorite ys game.

IMO Ys 8 is better than the PSP and Vita Ys games anyway so Nintendo owners got a pretty good deal here.

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