CyberGadget releasing Poke Ball Plus silicon covers

Poke Ball Plus Silicon Covers

- comes in two colors, brown and yellow
- protects your Poke Ball Plus from dirt, scratches, and falls
- you can still use the control stick, charge it, or attach it to your wrist with a strap
- due out November 16, 2018 in Japan


I understand the theory behind this, as well as the colour choice, but dannnng they're ugly.

Thu Aug 02 18 05:37pm
Rating: 1

I don't wanna be the first one to say this but that looks like...*epic movie guy voice* bewbs.

And people thought this accesory would be useless aside from Pokemon...now is just a matter of time the idea reaches the Senran Kagura producer...

I'm afreud you're right about that.

WHY!?!? The whole point of getting a Pok├ęball is to have a Pok├ęball!

Why not make them pokeball colored? Miss.


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