Is this Octopath Traveler art subtly hinting at a Bravely franchise connection?

This can't be a coincidence, can it? On the right-hand side of the picture above, you see the artwork Square-Enix released today to celebrate 1 million units shipped for Octopath Traveler. On the left-hand side, you see Airy from Bravely Default. The two pieces of art are completely different, but the silhouette of each are pretty damn similar! Is this a sly tease of something in the works, or are people looking too much into this?

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Fri Aug 03 18 02:47pm
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They should just port both Bravely games to the Switch already. I would most definitely double dip without hesitation.

I am hopeful Bravely Third is bound to happen after Octopath's success.

Don't ya tease me, but Tressa says Mrgrgr in her story anyhows.

That line was a bravely default reference? noticed it stood out the one time I've seen it so far(as one of the better lines), but didn't expect it to be that if it is!

I found it funny that Tressa was the one saying it, was adorable! Was waiting in vain for my Ringabel nod after that, just left sad though.

Yeah, that's way more than coincidence. Still, they might just be making a cheeky reference. I hope it's more, though.

Yeah, right down to the "tails" of the butterfly wings being matched with Linde's tail and Tressa's foot. Very clever

aren't the same development team?


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