BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle - Character Packs 4, 5, and 6 revealed, 5th franchise teased

The following character packs for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle were just revealed at EVO 2018.

Character Pack 4 ($4.99)

Izayoi (BlazBlue)
Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 4 Arena)
Merkava (Under Night In-Birth)

Character Pack 5 ($4.99)

Mai Natsume (BlazBlue)
Akihiko Sanda (Persona 4 Arena)
Yuzuhira (Under Night In-Birth)

Character Pack 6 ($4.99)

Nine The Phantom (BlazBlue)
Labyrs (Persona 4 Arena)
Mika (Under Night In-Birth)

Along with those packs, the trailer also teases another franchise to be added to the series. If earlier rumors and datamining is to be believed, this will end up being Senran Kagura.

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Oh boy. Yet more DLC for a fighting game that is already 50% DLC.

Hopefully it goes on sale, I want a these characters.

Wonder what the chances are they release a "complete collection" version with all DLC included. That's usually what I like to wait for with fighting games.

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