Panic Button's dream Switch port would be Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn has a zero percent chance of ever coming to the Switch. Well...I guess stranger things have happened, so let's say that the game getting a Switch port are currently at 0.00000000000000000001%. Panic Button knows this, but they still couldn't help themselves when asked about what their dream Switch port would be. The company would love to tackle a Switch port for the title, as they know it would be extremely challenging on the technical side of things, but that's their bread-and-butter! Certainly makes me curious as to what they could pull off, but again, this pretty much has no chance of happening.

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Mon Aug 06 18 04:19pm
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Do it Sony, what are you, chicken?

It could work. Why not? Won’t happen of course.

Sony can go back to being a third party. Then it can happen.

That is, if everyone at Sony doesn't just end up in jail for child slavery, identity theft, and the Foxconn suicides.

Mon Aug 06 18 04:35pm
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You mean everyone at Sony, Nintendo, Apple, Microsoft, and so on for Foxconn?
Because Nintendo manufactures there too.

As the saying goes you can achieve any dream you set your mind to unless its impossible then stop trying why would you do that.

It's ok to dream. Just don't go and take a swan dive off the roof because you dreamed you could fly.

Switch can do a lot of things but Horizon just wouldn't be the same. At times Switch can't even keep up with Zelda.

Th...that isn't the part thats impossible?
I think you forgot the whole Sony funding... and OWNING Horizon. Thats the part that is actually making this impossible?
And unlike Microsoft, Sony actually wants to sell their platform and keep their exclusives exclusive. (Even Microsoft does that outside of Minecraft)
L...like I don't know how that issue isn't the first one to come up?

Well yeah, Horizon would never be on Switch because Sony won't do that. But if Sony gave it the ok I don't think it would work anyway. I have no doubt it could run, but it'd take a big hit and just not be the same.

I mean honestly Wolfenstein runs pretty decently in handheld. Obviously Guerrilla would have the edge in getting the most out of the PS4, but I still can't imagine id being that far off in terms of resource use on the PS4. I think if its coming over for portability's sake, most of the interested parties wouldn't mind any hit.
With that said, its pretty stupid to even think about it coming over, about as dumb as thinking of Mario Odyssey on PS4.
Unless you are Micheal Patcher that is.

Mon Aug 06 18 04:56pm
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Oh cool, then I could see it get directly compared to BOTW for being the burger vs. higher quality steak game on the superior title's console. That'd be even more fun!

If Nintendo's gonna buy any Sony property, it needs to be Gravity Rush.

Oh yes, Gravity Rush is wonderful.

It really is. My dream would be for Nintendo and Sony (and Sega) to play nice with each other and do a crossover between Gravity Rush and Bayonetta. Two versions: one that plays like a Gravity Rush game on PS4, and one that plays like a Bayonetta game on Switch. Same overarching story, but each version is from the perspective of the respective heroine. Of course, there would have to be an epic fight between the witches and the shifters before they team up against a greater evil.

...The more I think about it, the sadder I get that it'll never happen.


Ape Escape.

I would think they could port Nier:A to Switch. THere's even a chance of that. But even the PS4 Pro has a little lag issues here and there (I am wondering if it has anything with where the game loads the map). PB could pull that off.

I have yet to play Horizon, but doesn't this game need pretty hefty specs?

Let's be real here. Judging by Panic Button's recent ports, it wouldn't even run at 240p on Switch.

I'd much rather they figure out a Fallout 4 port possibility.

Oh god, the amount of salt from the PlayStation fanboy camp would be mountainous.

Monster Hunter World, please.


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