RARE employee never thought he'd see King K. Rool as playable in Smash Bros. Ultimate, regrets not giving him a better name

Gregg Mayles shared some thoughts on the reveal of King K. Rool for Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it seems like he never thought the character had a chance of making it to the roster. Not only that, but he also wishes he gave the guy a better name! Hell, I think the simplistic name/bad pun is part of his charm, and it screams old-school RARE!

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Yeah, his name is awesome. He's the silliest, toughest boss with the craziest blunderbuss ever.

But what does the K stand for? Will we ever know...

DK 64 tells us it's Krusha, but that could have been an alias.

I think that's just a boxer alias as you suggest. Like "Clubber" Lang.

Seeing him and Steve Mayles' reactions to King K.Rool on Twitter has been really nice. It must feel great to have an old character you made 25 years ago suddenly come to life again with such care and attention.

I kinda love his name. I'd also love to see him in the next DKC. Also, since they both exist in the same world, seeing Bowser and K. Rool duke it out in an actual story setting would be cool. Like say a Mario RPG where the Koopas go to war with the Kremlings.

Is he the first playable character with a western design?

Depends if you consider Dark Samus as the first.

Also, Diddy Kong.

Oh! Right! Forgot/didn't realize they had western origin...

Dark Samus is the first US-designed character in Smash Bros.

Didn’t RARE create the design for Donkey Kong that’s pretty much in use today?

Since the Nintendo created Donkey Kong is actually the current Cranky Kong.

Damn.... Okay, I got this: if I'm reeeeealy stretching it, we could say Diddy Kong was originally a Donkey Kong Jr. made over... (:

The “official” lore is that DK Jr is today’s DK. And the DK that was around at the same time as DK Jr is now Cranky.

Actually the official lore is that DK JR is the current DK's dad.

Oh lol?! Never heard that. DK lore is more convoluted than I thought

Yeah after I got done fanboying myself I immediately checked Steve and Greg Mayles twitter accounts. No the name is perfect. He's a silly saturday morning cartoon villain it's a perfect name for him and his personality.

I always though of K.Rool as a crappy knock off of Bowser. In fact, he looks A LOT like King Koopa from that old Super Mario Super Show. So yeah, Saturday morning cartoon is very apt.

Except he's far from that in fact before Paon took over K.Rool in Jungle Climber and King of Swing, Rare created a far more compelling and charismatic villain then Bowser ever was before Sunshine when Nintendo FINALLY started giving Bowser characterization and a personality. K.Rool is more Looney Tunes where as Bowser was more like classic Disney. I.e K.Rool was Daffy Duck to Bowser's donald. I much prefer Daffy to Donald.

Funny that you’d put it that way because I much prefer Donald. He’s so damn funny when he gets angry. That voice never ceases to amuse me. I loved when he’d turn wicked and morph into a devil.

And he’s in one of Disney’s more amazing shorts. They made it as propoganda during WWII. Donald has a nightmare that he’s a Nazi. It’s crazy to watch - that kind of thing would never get made today.

Neither of them are bad I just don't think you're giving K.Rool enough credit. I like both Bowser and K.Rool as well as Daffy and Donald. People who usually say "K.Rool always felt like a Bowser knockoff" I feel only played the first DKC game and never played DKC2, DKC3, and ESPECIALLY DK64 where his boss battle and all of the story's cutscenes focus on him, his personality. He starts off menacing at the beginning of the game and once he realizes the Kongs are succeeding and his minions are incompetent he starts losing his sanity until we get to the final boss of the game where he turns into a complete goofball. K.Rool (back then) was filled with Rare's quirky British humor which I adored!

In my mind there are 2 Bowsers. "Miyamoto's Bowser" (from the original SMB-SM64) pretty generic monster that kidnaps a princess nothing more nothing less. then we get "Koizumi's Bowser" the current Bowser where he shows so much more personality starting with Sunshine. We see he's got a kid and wants to be a caring father to his boy but also wants revenge on Mario. Then we get to Galaxy where Bowser has gotten to the point of tired of losing so he takes Peach to Space thinking "Mario can't possibly catch me here" and try to take over the universe. Then we get to 3D World where Bowser's animations really shine through he's tired of kidnapping Peach and trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom so he goes to the Sprixie Kingdom and try to conquer it. It fails which leads to Odyssey where Bowser is so fun and compelling and cute. Trying to Marry peach getting all dressed up (taking a page out of K.Rool's book with the game themed costume) and the personality and charm of Bowser is amped up to a 11 in this game and you know why? Because Koizumi was in full control of Odyssey not a Miyamoto to be found to tell him to make the characters more "generic" and less story.

You’re right, I’ve only played and finished the first two DKC games so I haven’t seen how he’s developed over the years. You’ve explained a lot. Not that I ever thought he didn’t belong in smash.... but my understanding of the love is just a tad better now. Smile

Always a pleasure to enlighten my friend. Smile But can I just say how AWESOME it is to have all of Nintendo's biggest villains together in one game finally? Bowser, Ganondorf, Wolf, and now Ridley and K.Rool in Smash all together? Only thing that would make this better is if Medusa or Hades, and DJ Octavio made it in somehow. God I hope there is some sort of single player mode to hit this fact home harder.

Agreed, it’s great to have a bigger roster of villains. Medusa would be a fine echo fighter for Palutena, don’t you think?

YES that's what I've been saying since echo fighters were announced! Medusa is my most wanted echo fighter. (I wanted Medusa in Smash 4 more than Palutena...)

Odds of happening are higher than for most since Uprising was Sakurai’s baby. He’d be more inclined to play favorites.

My most wanted echo is Impa for Sheik.

I think the name is fine for a boss.


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