Fortnite Version 5.2 datamined - New Skins, Pickaxes, Backblings, Emotes and Gliders discovered

As I said last time, Fortnite fans are quick to jump into the latest updates and see what goodies are waiting in future patches. Version 5.2 has been picked through, and it's revealed a whole mess of goodies. Hit the jump to have a look as long as you don't mind spoilers.

Click here to check out all the emotes with animations/audio

Hands-down, the 'Exercise' or 'Aerobic' outfits/emote are the best, in my opinion! That's the first skin/emote I've seen that I actually want to spend money on. I love anything cheesy 80s, and this certainly fits the bill!

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That sushi chef is by far the most attractive male skin they've made. I say that as a heterosexual male.

I'm actually pretty disappointed in all these skins, even though I do like the concept of motorcycle ninjas.

That skin is pretty attractive, but the base skin from this season (tagger with the mask and sleeveless) is the most attractive in my book...and I say that as a non-heterosexual male XD

On the other subject, I've never really found a skin I absolutely had to have to spend money on it...not yet anyway.

Idk what it is but other than his final two forms, all the forms of Drift make him look like a dweeb to me.

I think skin buying is a mixture of both genuine fondness and subtle bragging. Like I bought the Brite Bomber because I think it's legit a really cute skin, but I bought the red Knight shield because plenty of good players have it.


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