Nintendo shares a screenshot of the Switch Online version of Super Mario Bros. 3

I mean, it's not really that much to look at, but it does have that player-one icon in the upper left-hand corner. We're getting pretty close to the launch of the Switch Online service. I hope, at the very least, Nintendo gives us some actual footage of how these classic games will utilize multiplayer.

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Having legitimate concerns and qualms with Nintendo's lacklustre offerings for their PAID service isn't trolling.

Just because you disagree with them doesn't mean you should just outright dismiss their voice.

AKA the best Super Mario Bros.

AKA one of the only few NES games still fun and worth playing in the year 2018.

God why does Nintendo suck at online...

Oh I don't know your age (thought the 94 in your name can be a hint?) but I have a huge list of NES games that are still great today (I have a NESand all) ;)

Yes I'm 24 and have played a lot of NES games (granted late through the Wii/Wii U/3DS VC) and I just don't have much fun with most of them besides SMB, SMB3, Donkey Kong (even if it's missing Pie factory), Punch-Out, and Kirby's Adventure. Speaking firmly from a 1st party perspective as that's what I'm assuming we're getting with this "service". My first system was SNES and the 1st games I've ever played are Super Mario World and DKC. I feel SNES games hold up MUCH better than NES games do. Even then I'm getting to the point where they don't excite me anymore due to Nintendo releasing them more times than I can count. If they add GCN games to this service then you'll get me excited (even though I want actual online features in an online service and not just legacy content).

Hehe. I'm an 80 "model" myself so I grew up with plenty of NES games, so my nostalgia level might be higher on this one.

I am sure Nintendo wll go all they way to the Wii for the "Legacy" stuff with time. As I mentioned just now in another post: They have good competition and have to do somethng to compete.

But first of I want more info on the paid online. There is sure to be something more, just not on day one!

Well the sales of the games and the classic systems, and various merchandise shows that there is still a lot of interest in the classic games.

Mon Aug 13 18 05:22pm
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Still baffling how they expect anyone to play through this game via online MP when only the Mario Bros Minigame isn't in the take turns mode. Also does it have button remapping, save states, screen options, ETC? I'd be really pissed if all the great features from the Wii U VC were axed for the sake of keeping things simple...

Way to sell their online service with a 30 year old game we've all played to death and all own on numerous devices, be it the original NES, the various Virtual Consoles, the NES Classic Mini, etc. You don't even get to own them here, you're only renting them and will only have access to them as long as you pay the fee. Couple that with many other negative aspects of the service, e.g. backing up save files can only be done by paying Nintendo. I can think of many worrds to describe that.

Nintendo are greedy, like most other companies. I think the $20 is just to get barebones access(and that's what it is thus far), and that they'll add more consoles in time, but that will cost people even more money. The Wii and Wii U between them had access to every platform, bar the Gamecube(there were rumours that it was ready for Wii U but was scrapped in favour of Switch, like many other things including Pikmin 4), so there's no excuse for Switch not having any of these systems on its service.

Mon Aug 13 18 06:31pm
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Didn’t even read pass your first sentence. I hope you’re getting paid to troll this hard. Can’t imagine you’re doing this for free.

Having legitimate concerns and qualms with Nintendo's lacklustre offerings for their PAID service isn't trolling.

Just because you disagree with them doesn't mean you should just outright dismiss their voice.

I see you're not familiar with SLIGEACH_EIRE's oeuvre.

While he does have a habit of trolling, he's not at all wrong in this case. We're now paying for something that used to be free with no real added benefit to the cost. I mean, Is cloud backup really worth $20 a year? Steam does it for free. What happens if you stop paying? Is your save data still safe in the cloud (at least up to the point you stop paying) or does it get purged? What about your save data within NES games?

Fair questions to ask, but Steam offering free cloud saves is no argument that anybody else should, and certainly not that anybody is entitled to them. Furthermore, online play costs money and Nintendo would always have been justified in charging for it; they simply chose not to, undoubtedly for business reasons I'm not privy to, and they now choose to change that. Nintendo is exploiting nobody by no longer giving away a service. Thus "trolling" is an apt description of constant claims to that effect.

you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with literally anything he posts. He's right on this whole thing regarding Switch Online, you know... It's pretty stupid that we don't even know what the final 10 games are a month from launch, nor what the future of that NES service is (IE: Release schedule. New NES game a week, or is it a godawful 1 game a month system?) Just because he's unhappy with the switch's way of operating and whatnot for being a Wii U owner Nintendo pretty much burned badly by porting tons of their Wii U titles and not carrying over good aspects of the Wii U like the eShop and home menu UI, doesn't mean his arguments are any more or less valid.

Perhaps. I kinda took it personally when he deleted comments he made comparing owning a Wii U to being a victim of domestic violence so he could call me a liar and claim I was harassing him for calling him out on it. He's not just a troll, he's a bully.

That, and he's not as correct in his complaints about the online service as he (or you) thinks. But mostly the bullying.

First of all, my comment is not just in regards to this particular post. Check his history. Secondly, most of you lot seem to love jumping the gun before you hear all the details. I’ve learn to be concerned after I hear the details if it warrants any.

I'm aware of his history, I just really hate the "I disagree with you, so I'm going to act like you and your opinion are totally invalid" thing.

As for jumping the gun, I agree most around here love doing that, but for this, what else is there to hear?
We have to start paying for a service Nintendo have happily hosted for a year and a half for free whilst most games still use P2P connections, so it's not like all games are going to suddenly improve in their connection quality, which depending who you ask can already be VERY spotty, so, minimal imporvements to the overall quality of the service, and what, a "growing library" ... of NES titles, of which you start with one and probably get one more per month, (PRESUMABLY on my part I will admit) but knowing how they've done Virtual Console in the past, it just doesn't scream like a worthwhile investment.

inb4 "its just $20 (twenty pounds in the UK weirdly enough)"

Tue Aug 14 18 04:42pm
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I think the thing is that when somebody mistakes opinions for facts it can be quite hard to take them seriously...
I don't care for online and old NES games, so for me, the service is not worth 20 bucks. How much somebody values something is a matter of opinion. Lots of us [for different reasons, i suppose] don't consider the service to offer good enough value for the asking price, and that's fine, we can just do what we did during the WiiU days, and that's voting with our wallets.
Companies respond to that a lot faster than some random guys ranting on gaming boards - many times going off topic just to fit in some entitled speech.
Disrespecting difference of opinion on the other hand, should be very much considered trolling.

EDIT: to clarify, I think they bring some valid points from time to time [this time being one example], hence why I haven't blocked them, but they could try and be more empathetic so we could have healthier discussions... But this is just me trying to make the world a bit better...

I won't go over your whole point, but I agree with the most of it, and aye, I can agree that outright negative opinions can be more destructive than constructive.

Yay amicability!

Mon Aug 13 18 08:07pm
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Fanboys eventually reach the belief that the company/creators they worship exist to cater to them, and when that inevitably doesn't happen they grow extremely angry and resentful and won't ever shut up about it.
A troll would eventually get bored or find some other thing to care about. From what I've heard this guy's been at it for years on other Nintendo fansites until he's been run off from them.

People like him need to accept (thing) is no longer for them and just move on with their lives, instead of wasting every single day getting angry about them.

Look in the mirror. I commented on the story, you didn't. You made a personal attack and then have the neck to call me a troll. If you don't like my comment, then either ignore it or make some genuine constructive criticism or counter argument. I'm far from alone in thinking this service is lacklustre. Remember this is coming 18 months AFTER launch, something that should have been ready day 1. We're now about a month from launch and Nintendo even at this late stage are still pushing out when we'll get more details and say that it'll arrive in the latter half of September. People like you and your ilk are the trolls.

Mon Aug 13 18 09:06pm
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But are you getting compensation for your posts?

Haha, this is probably the most underwhelming launches of a paid service I know.
Oh well, I'll set up a Family Group with my friends and enjoy that online for $7 a year. I would pay full price anyway for the cloud saves alone.

NES games in 2018! Yes! Just what I wanted! You know me so well Nintendo!

I dont think I played any of these "multiplayer" is it just taking turns?

Apparently any game that didn’t have simultaneous multiplayer before is going to be played in turns.

Almost forgot Nintendo's online service was coming so soon - that's next month!

Nintendo DOES have a lot of history they can bank on. I may not need to play tons of Super Mario Bros. 3 (I've done enough of that in 1990, and have many other means to do it now, between the original cartridge I still have and the various rereleases), but I am sure this feature will be worth it to somebody.

I've seen a lot of people doing Smash Bros. reactions that have no idea who Simon and Richter Belmont are, so you know, maybe they'd like this... if there are more than just first-party games, that is.

But though this is pretty sweet and its library of games should be something the competitors wouldn't be able to match, the real dealmaker would be what Nintendo can do to meet the expectations of an online service in 2018.

Look! Nitendo does know whatthe Xbox Live and PSN is, so they HAVE to do something to compete. And they are competing for the same market as MS and Sony etc (it's the gaming market after all).

I think in the beginning it will be rather barebones for sure, but that mostly to "test the waters". But I hope they 1-UP their game really fast after that and add loads of features. It's obvious they should add everything from NES to GC, or even Wii considering it plays on the Nvidia shield which has the same tech as the Switch (should be a walk in the park to port those over). Another thing they really have to consider is that we can download the games to the Switch (even pay for them if we want to) and let the online gaming stuff be a part of the paid service. That seems logical to me, but I am not Nintendo. I would not be surprised to see several discounts on the eShop if you are a subscriber to the service. Be that "legacy" games or brand new games, like on the other services. They have also gotten a LOT of negative feedback for their silly mobile app, so they should just make it an extra option for when on the go, and the Switch is a hybrid console, so... Should make sense, but I have my doubts on that one.

There is a lot of potential here, like playing F-Zero GT online and having themes and whatnot. And what gives me some hopefor at least half of my post here to be true is the big changes within Nintendo recently.

The problem I have with Nintendo's new online service is that they are starting to charge yet aren't introducing anything exciting so that you don't mind paying. It's just like oh great now I get to pay. The added features are very lackluster.

I love Nintendo most when they do something awesome that only Nintendo would do. For a long time people wondered what it would be like if Nintendo made a deathmatch style shooter and when they finally did it was completely amazing and as "Nintendo" as could be.

I wish they had done something awesome with this service to where I would be throwing my money at them but right now it is just so boring and I have no plan to sign up.

I agree it seems very lackluster, but on the other hand I will give them the benefit of the doubt until we get more info. Why they are so secretive is beyond me though. They might have a big surprise (they shoud) or it's really going to be...this...

I can't tell if they are being secretive or if there just isn't much to say. I would love for them to reveal a big surprise.

Tue Aug 14 18 12:16pm
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Well, if they want people to join the party, they have to give us a good reason. Personally I'm one of those "it's only 20 bucks a year" person (OK, 200 NOK a year, but you get it), but they truly should have something else than cloud saves, a silly app and 20(?) NES games to play online. They could at least have themes or something. They have to compete with the well established PSN and Xlive, and that aint easy.

Oh well. It's so close now, I'll just wait it out...

You are so right. It needs things to get people excited. Even themes would be more exciting to me than anything it currently offers. Just being cheap alone is not enough to get me to buy (ask the thousands of $1 apps I have taken a pass on).

Tue Aug 14 18 05:49pm
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Just imagine some cool Nintendo apps... Your Zeldas and Pokemons and Marios etc... Even Metroid for the upcoming game. It's not much, but a little something at least.

I wish this screenshot would have shown something about how the service works. I have a feeling it might get delayed, or released in beta form as they don't seem to sure of themselves. This will be the first major initiative of the new president you'd think he'd want it done right.

It has been released in beta form - at the Switch's launch. Remember, they are not starting a new online service - they begin charging for the existing one (actually, that was already planned for fall 2017) and add a few new features.

Here's hoping the emulation is at very least as good as the NES classic

Can these games be played offline when you download them?

Since the Switch only has Wifi and no cellular connection, it would suck heavily if you would have to be online.

I'm not ready to complain about this yet. The price is excellent, nothing was "too late after launch" because we had a year and a half of free online. The game library we're getting is sure to expand quickly. I just don't have the energy to get "upset" about this. If you're really not happy, that's valid. But I think I'll wait to hear more before I myself get peeved, if ever. I definitely want to see what the classic game situation is, but I see it as a net positive.

I have a bad feelings you will have to be connected online to play these games. So basically no play on the go.

Which would go against the entire hybrid personality of the console. People would RAGE at this. I'm guessing (yeah, guessing) that we can DL the games and play them offline and only have to connect to the net when we want to play online, as with any game. They will, of course, be locked to the system in perfect Nintendo style ;)

Tue Aug 14 18 01:32pm
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It was confirmed months ago that the games are downloaded to the console and can be played offline.
Either people aren't aware of this fact or they conveniently ignore it to find something else to rage about.

I was unsure and I read gaming news rather often, but it would only make sense like this with the hybrid aspect of the Switch. I would be rather pissed if I couldn't play those games on the train...Which is kinda half the point with the console: Being portable! ;)

Tue Aug 14 18 11:14am
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Meh, You can give me the NES games but I probably won’t play them. Maybe it’s because they’re a bit before my time but I’ve never really been able to get into NES games. I would rather play the All Stars versions for the NES/FC Super Mario Bros. Quadrilogy

Tue Aug 14 18 02:27pm
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So with online & SMB3 I imagine we can watch 1P or 2P play, then when they die it's your turn as 1P or 2P. Similar to how it is when you play in person with another. I like this idea and being able to watch is the other person is fun. Just curious if there's anything else they are going to add to the NES/SNES games?


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