Nintendo hits 727 million hardware units sold in total

Nintendo has moved a LOT of hardware since they started selling game platforms. Nintendo's most recent financial report confirms that the company has sold 727.65 million units of hardware, with 300.54 million units in consoles, and 427.11 million units in handhelds.

Nintendo Home Console Sales (all numbers in millions)

NES — 61.91
SNES — 49.10
N64 — 32.93
GameCube — 21.74
Wii — 101.63
Wii U — 13.56
Switch — 19.67

Total: 300.54 million

Nintendo Handheld Sales (all numbers in millions)

Game Boy — 118.69 (includes Color)
Game Boy Advance — 81.51
DS — 154.02
3DS — 72.89

Total: 427.11 million


Mon Aug 13 18 05:42pm
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Couldn’t even bother to list it...poor Virtual Boy Sad

Yeah! I reakly wonder how poorly that sold. I still want though =]<

It was less than a million worldwide iirc.

Well that sucks. I'm still getting one though Smile

Do the NES and SNES Classic Mini count towards sales of the NES and SNES respectively?

I can't imagine that at all. It's not MS we're talking about here ;)

No they don't. Both classics have sold a couple million and the numbers here are the same nes/snes numbers as years ago.

More interesting: Before Smash the Switch can overtake the Gamecube - after Smash the N64

Crikey, those console numbers are crazy. A steady and uncomfortable decline, followed by a wild, unprecedented success. Followed directly by a wild and unprecedented failure. Just shows how reliant they have been on handhelds - those numbers are far more stable and healthy by comparison.

It’s easy to make asumptions but it seems clear why they stuck with the Wii branding for the Wii U despite it being a total fudge. And then having to have the guts and the graft to go and create the Switch and transform their image and marketing prowess. Good luck to them, it takes guts to succeed in the technology space when your company is built around one or two current hardware offerings.

One reason I think people love them is because they bet their house on the strength of their ideas.

Mon Aug 13 18 06:39pm
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I love the Wii U, but sadly there was so much unseen potential with the gamepad. But I also love my Switch. Amazing little beast! But if I ever got the chance I would develope a gam for the U. I have too many ideas Smile

Mon Aug 13 18 07:44pm
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Is this because Sony was recently bragging about selling 500 million Playstation units total?

Yeh I asked about nintendo's sales number in a discord shortly after the Sony announcement, got an answer, and shortly after this thread was posted.

Well it's definitely been a lot more consistent with its handhelds than home consoles.

Sony definitely moved a lot more home consoles in less time. I'd like to read an article comparing the two business plans.

Sony is counting handhelds as well. When it comes to home consoles it is around 338 million. Only 38 million more than Nintendo.

Mon Aug 13 18 10:17pm
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Yeah but Nintendo had an extra 11 years on the market, and the kicker was nintendo was going to release the ps1 until the deal fell apart. I truly wonder what it would be like today had they not released the 64. Would it have been Microsoft and Nintendo battling it out with some other 3rd entrant?

I wonder how many of those Playstations were second consoles bought due to the dvd player going out?

No doubt, a not insignificant number I'm sure. Every home console I have of Nintendo still works from the nes till now, however I dont have a virtua boy. I did replace the drive in my Wii however. I would think it's around the 2 to 5 percent mark for replacements.

This is a critical stat that a lot of fanboys ignore. Sony did so much more in a short amount of time. It really speaks more to Sony's triumph and Nintendo's decline when you compare numbers.

I wonder if it was simply that Sony out serviced Nintendo. Better customer service to the developers and better service to their customer base, giving them what they wanted. Because they certainly didnt innovate in any form from a hardware or software perspective.

It also speaks to the millions of sheep that were content with mediocrity and shit gameplay. ;0)

N64 will be outsold by the end of their fiscal year

Sony just hit 500million too. i guess this just shows that Video game consoles aren't going to leave any time soon.

Who did that animation? It's so rad!

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