GoNintendo Video - Where did Reggie disappear to?

Wondering where Reggie disappeared to during today's Diablo III: Eternal Collection reveal? Don't worry, I have the exclusive footage.

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Wondering where Reggie disappeared to during today's Diablo III: Eternal Collection reveal?

No. I'll leave it at that for fear of upsetting certain people.

Thu Aug 16 18 09:41pm
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Oh man, Slig: you can't even avoid hating on Nintendo executives in the comments to a light-hearted parody video. Why are you like this?

Thu Aug 16 18 10:27pm
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sligeach reminds us that for every person who loves Nintendo and sees the good in what they do there is someone else who does just the opposite. Personally I think we need the negative nancies on this site, it's good to see a different point of view from time to time.

Fri Aug 17 18 04:34am
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But it has gone past being a point of view. He comports himself in such a manner as to constitute an active assault on the site itself, particularly the rights of users to visit and discuss topics without being bombarded by negative vitriol.

Not negative viewpoints: those are always welcome and you see people who disagree with one another having great conversations without resorting to heightened rhetoric all the time.

There's a big difference between posting to a relevant article with "Nintendo have gone down a path lately that worries me, because they seem to be ignoring the fans that are champing at the bit for [whatever game or feature] and I think they are making a mistake" and what Sleag is doing, which is more like standing on a street corner and yelling about how Johnson & Johnson doesn't make grown up shampoo as easy on the eyes as their baby products, day in/day out and all through the night--for months. Everyone who visits that street corner is affected, and everyone is getting worn down.

Bottom line: for me and apparently for many others, it's a purposeful attempt to take the fun out of the site for others and to make every discussion about him. He's been kicked off other Nintendo sites for the same thing. I don't *want* 20% of all discussions on here to be arguments about Sleag's right to crap all over everyone's fun. If he's not complaining about Nintendo, he's posting that he deserves credit for the story. It's always something. I'm sick of it.

I really don't understand all this negativity against "Shillelagh". Apparently he doesn't like a lot of the decisions made by Nintendo lately, but I think you're wrong when you say it's a purposeful attempt to ruin the fun for everyone. To me, the kind of attacking a single person among the comments that you and others are doing is much more annoying. Sure, I mostly ignore it, but this time I just wanted to tell you. OK, bye.

Hey, at least it's nice to see someone actually earning their money for a change. And seen as hes working at Gonintendo he must be very lowly paid, as there are few people in the discussions here, so his reach is quite limited. So take comfort.

reggie is simply a bigoted marketer who at one point was everything nintendo needed, the kind of man who does a bit of theatrics and gets people talking about the products. Sadly he turned out to be all show and no substance speaking utter nonsense again and again, showing his complete lack of understanding of the company's products (ie pokemon XD is NOT a proper pokemon game) and its fans by refusing to release a bunch of wii games, ONE OF WHICH turned into a phenomenon even years after its original release. He managed to make NOE (which was traditionally utter crap) BETTER than NOA and that is quite an achievement.

He needs to play more and talk less.


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