Fantastic Legend of Zelda synth medley gives some of the series' classic tunes a unique feel

Oh man, I love all 7+ minutes of this. Glasys does some amazing stuff in all of his videos, but this Legend of Zelda one gives me goosebumps. That synth rendition of the Dark World theme is so fantastic. I can never get enough of that tune!

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I really need to learn how to use synth VSTs without just flicking through presets.

A lot of great tutorials on YouTube. What DAW are you using?

I use Reaper, because I like the UI.

Nice: got several friends who swear by Reaper. What softsynths are you working with? Some really great stuff out there. My favorite to program new sounds for is Mai Tai, which comes with Studio One

OmG that's so awesome! I wonder what happens when he plays the game : D ..Cause this guy can play!

Sat Aug 18 18 10:38pm
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Please do the dungeon theme from the original Legend of Zelda!

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