Splatoon 2 producer talks about what makes the game fun, the importance of community, and his greatest pleasure as a dev

Nintendo conducted an internal video interview with Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami to talk about the game in general. You can see a summary of the discussion below.

- Nogami thought the E3 2018 tournament was a wonderful display of high-level play, and he cheered along with the event
- Nogami believes the 4-player teams help to make Splatoon 2 really fun, and provides unique roles fore each player
- the use of ink makes it easy/clear to see who's winning/losing, so anyone just watching the game can enjoy as well
- Nogami finds playing with friends and online with random people to both be fun and important
- Nogami feels the community aspect of the game, both in gameplay and outside of the game, is a great element
- character design in Splatoon 2 is based on sea creatures in general
- Nogami says there is no greater pleasure for him than witnessing a game that can bridge people across the globe

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Please let us party together with 2-4 players, and then join Turf War battles together online as a party. I want to be on the same team as my friends and family that I'm playing without having to just hope that we end up being put onto the same team every time we enter a match. Thank you.


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