All-you-can-read in one app: InkyPen, the comic book subscription service for Switch

InkyPen is a brand new subscription service for Nintendo Switch, and the first world wide media application on this console. It allows comic book and graphic novel fans to read what they want, when they want. Simply download from the Nintendo eShop, subscribe and start reading.

A large catalogue of graphic novels and comics will be available from all over the world, including U.S. comic books, manga and European comics. You can read your favorite titles on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode or in TV mode, but also discover new ones through exploring the catalogue and content suggestions based on your interests.

The subscription-based service gives users access to the full catalogue for 7.99€ / 7.99$ a month. Titles included will come from famous publishers like IDW, Valiant, Dynamite, les Humanoïdes Associés, Titan or Andrews McMeel; more publishers will be announced soon. Some of the comic series that will be available from the beginning are: Transformers, Judge Dredd, Dungeons and Dragons, The Metabarons, Warhammer; and others based on well-known video game franchises like Dark Souls, Dishonored or Assassin's Creed. Inkypen will also be "webcomic friendly": its catalogue will include popular webcomic titles like Girl Genius or The Wormworld Saga.

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no Marvel or DC huh...well, good luck with that.

Yet still no netflix and still no youtube, fascinating.

Yet still no Netflix. Ugh...

How's about apps people want and have been asking for Nintendo? Like a web browser, Youtube and Netflix. The web browser is the big one for me. The more I read about Inkypen the worse it gets. The Switch is a terrible device for this, you can't for example, grab screenshots. None of the major comic publishers. €8 a month or €96 a year is a rip-off for content you never own. And aren't comic book fans interested in owning mint or new physical editions of comics? I can't see this being very successful.

Not anymore, digital comics are on their way to replace physical media. There are a number of comic subscription services for digital comics. The largest one is Comixology (an Amazon company). If by major comics publishers you mean Marvel or DC, well, they don't play nice with anyone. They each have their own digital subscription services.

The price for Inky-Pen is on par with the other services. Depending on their software and how well it flows from panel to panel, it will be great to not carry around my tablet anymore, which is strictly used to read comics. The one thing I really want to know is if their software will be able to access local media on the SD card, because that would be fantastic.

It's an interesting and exciting announcement for people like me. Sorry not every bit of software is for you.


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