Super Mario Party Joy-Con bundle releasing in Europe, My Nintendo deal detailed

No word on North America yet, but our friends in Europe are going to get a fancy Super Mario Party Joy-Con bundle. Great idea for the game, since it's a lot more fun with others to play alongside!

We've also learned that all digital pre-orders will receive double the regular amount of Gold Points on My Nintendo. That might make the decision of choosing between retail and digital a bit harder!


Tue Aug 21 18 05:20am
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If it's cheaper this way, I'll definitely pick it up. I'll need some more controllers for Smash.
Edit: Oh, it's out way after the game. Why?

Could they not come up with original and exclusive colours for Mario Party? Instead, they've just thrown in Splatoon's Joy-Cons.

Tue Aug 21 18 07:41am
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Exactly what I was going to comment. Feels like a waste that they just recycle existing colours instead of just releasing new ones for the occasion.

Coloured JoyCons are just so cool since they kind of change the look of the system when in handheld mode, but we're not seeing nearly as many new colours as I wish we could see. And I know coloured shells exist and they're not hard to replace BUT, BUT BUT BUT the system won't recognise them as being the colour of the replaced shell, and that would irk me so that solution is not what I want.

To be fair, the colors are flipped right vs. left from the Neon Pink/Neon Green set but I agree that a unique color scheme would have been cooler.

I'm still patiently awaiting a white set. For my iSwitch. LOL

I just ordered a second set of yellow ones because I love them so much and can't bear that my kids were using them.

Not in Europe they're not. Only North America has the pink on the left and green on the right, to my knowledge. It's weird.

Dont care about the bundle as I dont buy physical, already own that set color of joy-con (not to mention I have 4 sets dont need anymore) BUT I am interested in double coin reward for pre-loading and will be pre-ordering as soon as its available on the eshop. I havent been this excited for a Nintendo holiday season in awhile. With this (which looks to be going back to basics no more stupid car), Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu (as someone who could never get into Pokemon this game has me ultra excited), and of course Smash Ultimate.

any one know the price for the bundle?

If this bundle retails for the U.S. equivalent of say $80, does that mean the game is effectively worthless?


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