Saints Row: The Third announced for Nintendo Switch

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Tue Aug 21 18 11:19am
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It will be a port of a game they've never played because it's never been on a system they've owned, and they'll still be angry.

Tue Aug 21 18 11:06am
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Have it on PC (steam sale) but never got into it. Can’t hurt coming to Switch.

(Even though this will no doubt irrationally upset some people because it’s a port of an older game)

Tue Aug 21 18 11:19am
Rating: 6

It will be a port of a game they've never played because it's never been on a system they've owned, and they'll still be angry.

The constant whining about Wii U ports, especially the ""outrage"" over DK and its price only for it to outsell its original counterpart in mere weeks to me is more than enough proof of that.

As long as effort is put into a port I've never played it's new to me. If you already own the port there's plenty of other games I'm sure not everyone has played. People who are anti port just use it as a way to say the 'switch has no games'

Don't strawman, it's not irrational to look at ports of games from 7 years ago and roll your eyes. there are many points where these ports just make me roll my eyes, they tend to be lazy and their performance on the switch is far below games that are ported properly or built for the switch, it shows that third parties are only interested in putting in minimal effort for maximal profit, many have no interest in creating original titles that use the switch's unique hardware to the games advantage, or release current games concurrently with their releases on other consoles and put in effort similar to the effort other platforms get.

The Switch is basically the perfect non pc platform, it is portable, it has a snappy interface, if you want to use it on a tv or monitor you have the option and it's very well streamlined, it has multiple input options and they are great, it has games that both aren't on other platforms and games that you can't even find titles like them on other platforms, I consider the Switch to the be the best console ever made as far as the core concept goes, but then I see third parties and they aren't willing to put in the same effort they put into contemporaries or legacy platforms, I really hoped that the Switch would end up something special especially in terms of software, but it doesn't look like it will make it, I guess at least it can claim that it has the best first year of any console, especially in terms of quality games and exclusives, I don't think it will be able to make any other claims like that throughout it's entire lifetime however, at least based on how things are going.

This is a good thing, I will probably pick this up

Will buy it if its like $30. If its a full $60 I may pass..

Ok that 's cool...but why not the 4th? <_<

The 3rd is regarded as the best in the series by most people.

But... saints row three sucked donkey dong.

I've never been madder at the quality of a game. First and so far only game I've ever returned to Gamestop and demanded my money back.

My friend did the same, but exchanged it for the also brand-new Rayman Origins which we co-op'd the whole way through...Much better game.

Great to have something from this genre on NS.
I don’t like Saints Row games at all, but this is nice for those interested in the series!

If GTA V or RDD2 can’t be on the Switch, they should at least port GTA IV and RDD1.

Rockstar have already basically said the next GTA won’t arrive until the next major iteration of consoles. So it would make good sense to port GTA V to Switch. It still sells like crazy.

Red Dead would be nice but their focus is all about Red Dead 2 right now.

Tue Aug 21 18 02:41pm
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I'd buy a third copy of GTAV if it came to the switch.

I’d buy my first copy of it came to Switch Smile

I own GTAV on PS3 as well as PS4 and I too would buy it again on Switch for that sweet sweet portable factor...

Tue Aug 21 18 03:08pm
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I remember when a Saints Row game was planned for 3DS.

I enjoyed The Third on PC, but I never finished it. I might get the Switch version.

I enjoyed 4 with all the weird matrix superpower stuff and I heard this one was better than 4 so maybe I'll buy it? It hopefully isn't more than $20 at this point since it's such an old game


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