Nintendo grabs Pilotwings trademark in Japan

Nintendo has grabbed another trademark for use in Japan. This time around they've secured a trademark for the name Pilotwings. This trademark applies to just video games, but no details on what it will be used for were shared.

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Why do I have a funny feeling that if they *were* to use Switch's VR mode, it would be with this?

Thu Aug 23 18 06:04pm
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I was going to write something like "Nintendo! On your next console you better have VR and games like PilotWings that use ut!"


Old or new Pilotwings on Switch. I'll take it!

Chances are it means nothing. Nintendo renew trademarks all the time and most times nothing ever comes of them. Today, they also renewed a couple of trademarks for the Gamecube controller and another Smash Bros Brawl. It's just something they periodically have to do or they'll lose the rights to the items/games.

Ooo I like Pilotwings. Please make something of it Nintendo.


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