ROM site owner working on a settlement with Nintendo

As you already know, Nintendo dropped the hammer on some ROM sites a couple weeks back, hitting them with copyright lawsuits. Now we know that the owner of the now-defunct ROM sites LoveROMS.com and LoveRETRO.co is working on a settlement.

The owner of the sites has been hit with a lawsuit, opening up the potential for millions of dollars in damages. As you might expect, the owner is now filing paperwork to try and put a quick end to the legal battle. The goal is a settlement, which will help the owner from being hit with those million dollar damages, so long as Nintendo agrees to the settlement terms. As of right now, it seems Nintendo is working with the site owner to wrap things up quickly.

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If this means we can finally get all the old games legit, then yeah!

Nintendo's interest in stopping ROM piracy would make you think they were gearing up for something like the Virtual Console. They must have something planned... at least more than cycling a handful of retro games on their online service.


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