RUMOR - Switch version 6.0.0 releasing very soon

With the Switch Online service launching in September, it wouldn't be surprising to see a new firmware update for the Switch to go along with it. According to the hacking community, that's exactly what's going to happen. Switch firmware version 6.0.0 is coming down the pipeline, with a release happening very soon. We don't have any specifics on what the update will include, but obviously it'll have features pertaining to the Switch Online service.

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Tue Aug 28 18 11:13am
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I hope there'll be a Miiverse like service on Switch. I think that's partly why they killed it on Wii U. And a web browser would be very welcome. I think Nintendo have been deliberately underwhelming in any talk about the Online Service thus far, partly because they're not even sure what it'll contain but also so that when it finally is shown, any good surprises will generate positive publicity.

Tue Aug 28 18 05:05pm
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Miiverse — it ain’t never comin’ back. Too expensive to run and too easy to abuse, which tarnishes the Nintendo brand for families and children. I miss it too though.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I don't mean exactly Miiverse. I mean something like it. Miiverse was very good, albeit flawed. Super Mario Maker made the best use of it. Though other games too had their moments. I don't believe it was hugely expensive, despite what some say. And anyway, with Nintendo charging for online in a months time, they could afford to pay for its upkeep.

It was expensive to run because they farmed out the whole thing to a 3rd party firm and didn't own the actual code or hardware that ran it.

It’s common practice, and much MUCH cheaper, to outsource hosting applications to something like Amazon Web Services.

Cheaper, most likely. But since they didn't own the code getting changes was probably a complete mess.

It's called Twitter/Facebook and it's already part of the Switch. The time to move on was a while ago.

No. Those are not the same. Miiverse was more like a discussion board for a particular game. It allowed other people who were playing a certain to share their thoughts and experiences with other people who were playing said game. You can't really do that through Twitter. And you certainly can't do that on Facebook.

And now it's dead. Deal with it.

I was just telling you how the service was different. What's with the aggressive tone? Why are you mad?

Pass no heed of him, he's a troll.

I'd hope to god for Miiverse to return, or something to let me communicate with my Switch friends like Swapdoodle. I don't buy their BS excuse that facebook and twitter are proper replacements. Sure, they're handy for sharing quick video clips with friends when something funny or odd happens, but they aren't anything compared to going on the Wii U, playing an old VC game and sharing your high scores with the world even in games that don't save high scores! It made games like Balloon Fight, Devil's Crush and Pinball significantly more fun, and I sadly doubt any of the NES online games will have online leaderboards. I'm glad ACA games do, but they lack the option to see your friends' scores, same with Namco Museum...

A Web Browser would be pretty good too for the times I need to look up a quick tip while I'm playing a game, but I shouldn't even have to hope for one since there's already one on the Switch, Nintendo's just too stubborn to actually let people use the damn thing even though hackers blew the system wide open with a freaking paper clip. My hope is for folders or themes, but mainly the former so I can have my 70+ games neatly organized for once...

In line with the Switch Online launch I’d imagine

It shouldn't be any surprise since at the very least the cloud save functionality has to be patched into the system.

Of course it's going to happen pretty soon. I just want to know what exactly the service will provide us. Sure they will have at least ONE surprise for it.

It's probably another stability update with added cloud saves and a few more Avatar icons. Let's all move along...

Yeah, the huge maintenance last night was a big indicator of this. Surprised it's ready so early though... Here's hoping they add fucking folders to the damn thing so we can finally organize our games properly. Inexcusable the Switch UI is as ugly and horrid as it is, riding off of how clean and easy to use the Wii U's menu was. I could organize games effortlessly on there, but on Switch I have to open and close over and over and deal with an uglier menu layout than the DSi of all things, and even that let me swap the order the icons would show up in.

Not expecting too much though. Hoped for 5.0 to add something, but it did nothing to speak of and was hardly an update. The Switch UI fake video from earlier this year made me hope Nintendo would use common sense and make something like it but I seriously doubt it considering how badly Switch-era Nintendo is when it comes to doing anything the same way it was on the Wii U, even something as basic as friend messaging, miiverse, eShop or folders. More than likely we'll get an untouched UI and the cloud saves will just be pushed as part of a minor section of the system settings or game menus, along with more avatars that don't matter at all since they won't let us use our own images (or at least, customize in the same way that you can with Miis, since I've lost count of how many people with Kass Avatars are on my friend list...)

I miss that constant stability....

Maybe they'll finally give us a web browser. You know, like every other system has.

So not sure why you’re missing a browser on Switch since every other device has one? Use one of them.
Use the device that’s probably in your pocket or in your hand most of the day and has a connection to the internet when WiFi isn’t available.

If it's already built in there, why not let us use it? Also, sometimes you are playing a game, and you are stuck and need a quick guide. It would be really convenient to hit that home button and boot up a guide or map or something.

I remember doing that once on my Wii U.

Wed Aug 29 18 10:08am
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I remember doing that once on my Wii U.

There you go. You answered the question ;)

Honestly I don’t find it more convenient than using my phone. I wouldn’t have to keep flipping back and forth between a guide and game if I used my phone.

More options and features available to the user (especially ones already built into the system) are never a bad thing. Why is it a bad thing just to give the user that option?

I hope they fix the problem with 3rd party docks so I can start using my Nyko Dock again.

That’s not an issue on the Switch side. That’s a problem for Nyko....and a hardware one at that.


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