RUMOR - Diablo 3: Eternal Collection launching on Dec. 21st, 2018

Nintendo and Blizzard are yet to share a release date for Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Switch. Until we wait for an official announcement, we might have seen the date revealed through an online advertisement.

The banner above supposedly appeared online for a short time, and then vanished completely. As you can see, it shows a release date of Dec. 21st, 2018. That would definitely fit Nintendo/Blizzard's plan to release the game this year, but it's cutting things close!

UPDATE - GameStop also has the same date listed. Thanks to @averylail116 for the heads up!


Wouldn't that be a tad bit to close to Smash?

I am eyeballing this one. Haven't played Diablo since the first game.

Stores listing it makes sense as it is the last day of Fall and it was announced as coming Fall 2018.

I am just waiting for it to go live on Bestbuy so i can preorder this. I was sadden when they didn't bring it to the Wii U, as i can only afford one console. Now that i have my Switch, i am very excited to have all these games coming to the Switch. Even if they are older ports, i didn't have a chance to play them as they were not on a Nintendo Platform.

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