Switch Online version of Mario Bros. to allow for co-op play

The original version of Mario Bros. is actually a pretty fun game, and Switch Online service is going to make it even more enjoyable. You'll be able to team up with a friend and play the game co-op through the internet! Now this I'm actually excited for!

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Mon Sep 03 18 01:00pm
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And we'll get to chat with our friends doing co-op by balancing a phone on our shoulder!

Mon Sep 03 18 12:08pm
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Yeah, it's been one of the selling points of the online service, so... here we go... DUH!

Yeah, this isn't anything we haven't known since January 2017.
I guess I understand why Nintendo would Tweet it because they reach a much wider audience, but I'm not sure why it needed to be posted here. Anyone that went out of their way to end up on this site more than likely has known this for ages.

Not the arcade or 1993 NES version so there's no point really. I'm more excited for Doctor Mario VS play.

So what happens now to HAMSTER's Arcade Archives Mario Bros. game on Switch? Or are they adding online to this?

Both games will co exist.

If they're 2 separate versions then I'd imagine sales of the HAMSTER version will now fall right off.

It still has the benefit of being the only version you can actually buy. It's a bit unique as well since it's the arcade version.

With that said, they already made a killing on it. Probably not too concerned.

Aren’t these enhanced games only available for a month or something? Nintendo still has yet to communicate how it will work and if we can buy the games.

It's entirely separate as it's a different SKU. That'll still have online leaderboards operated by Hamster but Nintendo will take care of their own games

Mon Sep 03 18 01:00pm
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And we'll get to chat with our friends doing co-op by balancing a phone on our shoulder!

Mon Sep 03 18 03:21pm
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It's really kind of sad that they're touting this as a big feature of Nintendo online. Without a doubt some people will play NES games online but it was really N64 and Gamecube that had the great multiplayer games. That's what more people might care about. This is like being excited about playing snake on a flip phone. Nintendo is just showing how antiquated they are.

I am sure they will at least add N64 games with time. And I would not be surprised if they got GC games also. They have to sell this shit and NES games alone wont do it alone. Seems like NES and SNES games are the first batch though.

I am still curious to see what the next Direct holds.

Yeah, N64 games are almost inevitable. But to hype people up for a launch with Mario Bros? Yeah, it's really sad.

GC games are coming too. I'm pretty sure, just not at launch, which is plain silly. They could have hit the ball out of the planet with F-Zero GC with online (As the example I have used the most). And after they have been pushing back the release of this service, they should have a LOT more options from the get-go. I sure hope they have surprises in the soon-to-be Direct. I mean, it's only a couple of weeks before it launches. We need more info to get hyped.

I dunno.... I shouldn't be so negative about it but you might be expecting too much of Nintendo. Before Smash got a December release date a lot of people thought it was a given that Nintendo would launch the service with a big online game. But they might just be releasing it with a whimper. I guess we'll see. I'd like more reasons to subscribe but right now cloud saving is the only reason they'd get my $20.

I am giving them the benifit of the doubt. No more, no less. So until we get actual info on the service. I do not think they will surprise us with GC games, but they SHOULD have at least something to get our attention. A lot has changed lately at Nintendo, so I'll give them a chance!

That's a good attitude to have. I'm still fairly cynical. They've made some improvements, just not in the online arena.

Mon Sep 03 18 05:47pm
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I have noticed that people invest to many emotions in this (gaming in general) and not seeing things as they are. It's OK to be passionate about our hobbies, but try to look at things with an open mind and do not believe blindly in rumours. This site has becone toxic lately and I don't like it. Hard to discuss without people pointing fingers. Oh well... again: I will give them a chance to surprise us, but if not then OK. I know I pay for.

1. Mario Bros isn't even a good game to begin with (fight me), 2. Tired of Nintendo regurgitating the same info over and over, 3. NES games to play online isn't a good value AT ALL. ESPECIALLY when PSN/Xbox Live give you free RECENT as well as classic games if you subscribe as well as having on system voice chat, party chat, themes, multimedia apps, messaging system, internet browsers, twitch support/live streaming gameplay, achievement system, cloud saves, video chat.

Sad thing is that past Nintendo systems including the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS have had a bunch of those features FOR FREE (even if a lot of them were half-assed) yet here we are in 2018 on the Switch and are expected to pay $20 a year (which TBH is dirt cheap but the value SUCKS!) to play 30 year old games we've experienced AT LEAST a hundred dozen times already and aren't even that fun to play in the year 2018 and use voice chat through a pointless phone app that no one will probably ever use after the 1st week. But hey at least we got cloud saves...

I really hope that they can get multiplayer working for games where it's not really the main focus. Games like DK64 and StarFox Assault come to mind. Like you said, Mario Bros. isn't really that good of a game. It's not one that's really going to hold anyone's attention for too long.

What a time to be alive.

imagine if these games had a lobby system.

So, are they going to update the arcade version of the game that I already bought, or will I need to download the NES version in order to play it online?

Considering Nintendo's promoting the NES version while the other is the arcade version emulated by a different company... Yeah they're expecting you to play this separate download.


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