NBA 2K19 - Switch file size details (biggest game on the eShop)

If you're planning on grabbing NBA 2K19 for Switch, get ready to clear out a LOT of space for it. Here's the details on file size from the Switch eShop.

- game takes up 31.5GB of space
- you'll need 5GB of space within Switch’s internal memory

This makes NBA 2K19 the biggest game available for the Switch. Looks like you'll have to buy a microSD card just for this game!

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I still think it's really crummy they use an 8GB cart and not even a 16GB like the other games that require downloads.

I think Take Two realizes that since there’s an install already, they might as well use the smaller cart and not lose any more profit margin, as the Switch version is already the lowest-selling version, they shouldn’t make it the least profitable too.

If anything, the best option for optimization imo is to use the 16GB card and don’t include the majority of the music, instead making it an optional download. Music is murder to game data.

I would Also think the fact that sports game prices always drop a few months later helped them make that choice.

So really, this game costs well in excess of $60. Definitely so, if you don't already own a memory card.

I bet we'll never see a 64GB sized Switch cartridge by the end of its life cycle. We'll be lucky if we the 32GB cartridge becomes cheap and commonplace.

Bigger than DQHeroes 1/2? Yikes. That game was on a cart but cost $100 in Japan as a result, so I don't blame them for having it a partial download but even then 31 GB is a lot for my 128 GB card...

Thankfully I'm not interested in this game. I'd hate to give up that much storage for a single Switch title.

Mon Sep 03 18 06:39pm
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This is take outdated to get upset about. Xbox and PlayStation require you, even when you have a disc, to download the entire game to your hard drive, sometimes taking as much as 100 gb or more per game. Yeah it sucks, but it's just the way the industry is now, sadly.

Mon Sep 03 18 08:40pm
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True, but PS4 and Xbone come with 1TB storage out of the box now

Tue Sep 04 18 08:23pm
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> small file size
> gameplay parity with the other consoles

Pick one, Switch fans. Stop complaining.

On the one hand, you complain that we get half assed ports that leave out features (WWE, FIFA). On the other hand, a company actually gives you the full game on the Switch but you complain it's too big?


Wed Sep 05 18 06:21am
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Do you know if any of the people who have one of these complaints have both complaints? Joe says he demands full parity, Max says he needs a small, quick download. If these two met, they would disagree with each other, but statements like yours suppose if they met they would fully agree.

Yes, it's illogical to want both things at the same time, but is there anyone who wants both? This applies to many complaints like yours in the gaming community.

It's more the vibe across the generations. I remember well that the average complaint back in the Wii / Wii U era was lazy ports. Missing features, terrible graphics, online being ignored, etc. There was almost a consensus that devs were treating ports badly.

Now with NBA2K, both last year and this year, there were about 50% of commenters that complain about file size.

I struggle to see how these audiences are entirely different audiences. I guarantee there's a large overlap of people who just think games happen like magic, and it's very easy to produce games.

It's clear that you assume the overlap is large. I am suggesting that's a faulty assumption. Not necessarily that the opposite true, just that it's unclear without the evidence.

Game features Nike gear. That's a "No download" for me!!!!!!!!!!

j/k i don't care


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