Another look at Nintendo's cardboard-style Switch dock

Nintendo had their Nintendo Labo Switch dock on display at PAX West 2018, and now we have a few more up-close pics. The only way to get one of these is to win the Nintendo Labo Creators' Contest. I don't have a chance in hell of winning that, but based on the creations people have made, whoever gets to take that dock home definitely deserves it!

Thanks to B31Knight for the heads up!

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You don't have to repeat your opinion about Labo in every single article about Labo.

That is really pretty! Oh man... I really want one, but also, there's no chance in hell I'd win it

Those little corrugated details really sell it! I'd love to have this.

Very nice. I want it.

LOL the awkward moment when the top comment has actually been removed

I thought it was actually made of cardboard at first. That looks really cool.

I'd honestly be concerned about a fire hazard with a cardboard dock.

Useless trivia: "Cardboard" is used as the internal name for the System Transfer app on the 3ds. Its icon kinda looks like a Switch dock even.

My goodness. For something that's made out of cardboard, that looks exquisite! The craftsmanship on it is amazing.

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