Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII dev has a good laugh at the idea of the game coming to Switch

Game Informer sat down with Treyarch's design director David Vonderhaar for a rapid-fire interview. During the interview, Vonderhaar is asked whether Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII could come to Switch. After a very hearty laugh, Vonderhaar says that he, "just makes the shoes." In other words, it's not Vonderhaar's decision. Still, he finds the idea of the game coming to Switch pretty laughable.

We have reached out to Mr. Vonderhaar for comment/clarification on his statement.


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aurora unit
Tue Sep 04 18 04:38pm
Rating: 18

Well, we can always wait for Black Ops IIIII. Or Black Ops IIIIII. Or maybe even Black Ops IIIIIIIIII. Or until they remember how to do roman numerals properly...

I had a good laugh about buying a multi-player only COD on another system for $60. All the other games with single player content eventually drop to bargain bin prices used. An entry that eventually won't have any playable content will surely devalue even worse.

aurora unit
Tue Sep 04 18 04:38pm
Rating: 18

Well, we can always wait for Black Ops IIIII. Or Black Ops IIIIII. Or maybe even Black Ops IIIIIIIIII. Or until they remember how to do roman numerals properly...

Wait I thought you were just being silly....have they actually named the game Black Ops IIII? And not Black Ops IV?! Seriously?

Seriously (Just look at the logo. Or the official website.)

I took a logo a design class not too long ago and they try make sure that we avoid falling into the same pitfalls as a bunch of other logo designers. And to see this logo get the seal of approval from Activision just infuriates me.

IIII is a valid Roman Numeral though. They could be tally marks as well.

Do you think they are that clever to have done that specifically, perhaps.

Tue Sep 04 18 06:13pm
Rating: 1

For real, If they do 5 like IIII, that would be actually kinda cool...

But it would start to look somewhat ridiculous round about part 8...

They're tally marks not Roman numerals.

Shame as Treyarch use to be the only developer within the COD stable to actually give a damn about Nintendo consoles. You would think they would want to jump aboard the Switch hype train considering 3rd party games are actually selling this time. But alas twas not meant to be but not that I care that much as I haven't enjoyed a COD game since the original BO and haven't bought a new COD since BO2.

Tue Sep 04 18 04:53pm
Rating: 2

We should also keep in mind that this is just one man. He doesn't make up the whole of Treyarch.

Switch has about 1/3rd the rendering power of an Xbox One. The CPU fares even worse. Not every newgen game can run on the Switch.

Just be happy devs seem to like supporting Switch whenever they can.

2/3rd ;) Get your math right. And yes, the Switch would be able to run the game. you can scale down an engine. Reduce the resolution and reduce the textures.

Look at Doom, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein 2, etc. hitting the Switch Smile

That engine is specifically scalable, though.

David's main team wasn't responsible for the porting of Black Ops 2 and Ghosts to the Wii U. Treyarch had a dedicated Nintendo internal team to handle porting duties while David and his squad focused on the HD twins and PC.

Activision disbanded the Nintendo team after Ghosts bombed on all platforms and Activision has not put CoD on Nintendo systems ever since. Well I hope Activision likes pissed off shareholders.

Fortnite will happily take all the Nintendo money Activision has left on the table. =3

Well, I'll still buy portable Zombies mode whenever you get around to it, Activision.

Honestly. Haven't bought a CoD in a long time, but I'd definitely buy that.

Who knows, maybe he's just laughing because he knows CoD will be at the direct and people will finally get off his back with the question.

I don't want Call of Duty on Switch. Everyone will just find a reason to complain about voice chat. I'd rather not deal with it, same with h Assassin's Creed, it's an okay game but it just doesn't need to be there.

I think COD would be great on the Switch. Having portable multiplayer would be fun, & chatting with family / friends is a great idea. No reason it shouldn't come to the Switch.

Tue Sep 04 18 06:11pm
Rating: 1

Oh... well... darn it all. Guess I'll have to just play one of the other gabillion games on the Switch that I don't have enough time in the day to play.

Honestly, as mad as people are at this statement, I doubt many of you would have bought a Call of Duty on switch. But that just be me remembering when I bought Ghosts on WiiU and couldn't play anything other than Domination or TDM due to player count being so low.

Tue Sep 04 18 09:48pm
(Updated 4 times)

Ghosts was terrible though as every segment of the CoD community including the 3000 that had Black Ops 2 on Wii U loathed Ghosts. Most people just went back to Black Ops 2 after Ghosts left a bad taste in players' mouths.

Ghosts problems:

  • Non-innovative single player campaign. You might as well have called it Modern Warfare 4.
  • Multiplayer maps that are too large in size that punished rushers and encouraged everybody to camp heavily. It made already slow modes in other games even more excruciatingly slow in Ghosts.
  • Bad killstreaks
  • (pointstreaks). Why use the Assault Strike Package when everything in the Support and Specialist Strike packages are superior to the Assault Strike Package?
  • Bad spawns. Don't you just love getting shot in the back frequently after spawning?
  • The killstreaks were nerfed due to everybody being given Blind Eye by default. When AI killstreaks are oblivious to Blind Eye wearers, you're just wasting killstreak slots running AI controlled killstreaks.

Oh well, I'll be playing Doom Eternal, the one that looks actually good.

Also that logo looks like a 10 years old gave roman numbers a try. It's pretty dumb.

Meh, I don't see me playing this game. Had more fun playing Devil's Third with 4 guys Online than with BOPSII, I'm not buying any more COD games after that. It looked cool on the trailer, but that was it, a trailer with multiplayer.
Laughing about the idea of being on Switch is pretty dumb, considering that you "love what you do" you'll certainly want to show your game and put it on more platforms or at least as a dev you should show some respect.

Either way I'll be playing DOOM Eternal as well, not planning on getting these kind of games.


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