Fire Emblem Heroes revenue continues to climb, Summer 2018 revenue beats out Summer 2017 by 34%

While Nintendo is gearing up for the launch of Dragalia Lost, Fire Emblem Heroes is continuing to kill it. Here's the latest set of data from Sensor Tower.

- between July and August, players worldwide spent approximately $63 million on the game
- this spending represented a 36 percent increase from summer 2017
- during the three-month Summer period this year, Japanese players spent the most, at approximately $36 million, or 57 percent
- United States contributed the second largest portion this Summer, coming in at 30 percent of total expenditure
- combined, Japan and the U.S. made up 87 percent of all spending in the game during the past three months
- Fire Emblem Heroes has accounted for 78 percent of Nintendo’s mobile revenue to date
- the title has earned nearly $417 million since launching in February 2017


This game isn't even good. Why don't they spend their money on real fire emblem games? Oh well, to each their own. It's sad to see microtransactions always do so well, I've never been able to understand the appeal.

This game isnt good, to you. Some of us enjoy the compact version of a game thats ment to be a celebration of the series. Plus, still a better investment than Fire Emblen Revelations... game? DLC?

It’s often easier for a million people to spend a few bucks than a few thousand spend $60.

It’s also a false sense of “cheapness”. “I’ll only spend a few bucks...” but that turns into a few bucks a few times.

Similar concept of how things are priced $9.99 rather than $10.00 - it’s only a cent cheaper but it’s perceived to be a much better deal.

Believe me, there’s science and research behind pricing and micro transactions and all that to identify what the average consumer will and won’t get hooked by.

Wed Sep 05 18 04:04pm
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It's the only mobile Nintendo game I still play, and I still really enjoy it.

Whether it's good or not doesn't matter if it's making money.

Example; Anything by the Kardashians 😜

This doesn’t bother me in that we are still getting main line FE games and that revenue serves Nintendo’s bottom line, letting them do their own games while keeping investors off their back.


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