Watch tomorrow's Nintendo Direct at Nintendo NY

As always, Nintendo NY is going to be broadcasting the latest Nintendo Direct. The store puts the presentation up on their big-screen on the second floor, and lets fans gather to watch the action. Tomorrow is no different, and you can head into the store to meet up with some fans and watch all the excitement!

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I’ll be there, getting excited!

I'm glad I saw this because I somehow had mixed the PT and the ET the first time when I calculated the time for my time zone, meaning I would've missed the Direct.

I always enjoy watching this after the presentation itself, seeing everybody get excited for the smallest of things! But can't picture myself going to one of these, not being able to hear a damn thing

It's why I don't get why people watch other people watching the Direct, whilst it's live I mean.
Especially people who have a hundred notifications on and won't stop screaming and jumping around whilst they watch, like, just watch it yourself, watch their reactions later if they mean that much to you.

Exactly, I find it baffling too... Except Arlo's. I like rewatching his live reactions, that blue dude is alright by me

twitch chat discussion about reveals and the speculations during the direct.

Maybe I should film myself watching the Direct and watch and be like "Oh gawd no..."


I can't think of much I'd rather do less than to stand around a bunch of screaming idiots trying to impress their YouTube channel while trying to receive info I'm interested in...

Well since it is delayed, not anymore. Sad

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