Nintendo looking to hire Senior Security Software Engineer, must be proficient in hacking and reverse engineering

Nintendo is looking to continue the good fight against hackers who are out to make your gaming unsafe. The company is currently looking to bring on a Senior Security Software Engineer, with the list of their expected duties below.

- Conducting security reviews of existing software components and subsystems
- Analyzing past security breaches to understand vulnerabilities
- Using tools such as IDA Pro or a disassembler to reverse engineer malicious binary images
- Hacking and also implementing formal penetration tests
- Research, design and development of security technologies such as secure boot, type-1 hypervisors

Think you have what it takes to defend the Big N's hardware and software? Get more details on the job here!

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Reverse engineer some Netflix and Crunchyroll. And maybe hack the switch so it can play music in the background when I play games without anything worth listening too (NES games)

Tue Sep 11 18 06:57pm
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Wow. With ideas like those, maybe you should work for Nintendo.

Use your TV, computer, tablet or Smartphone for Netflix, and you could even play Switch while watching!

Tue Sep 11 18 07:30pm
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- Hacking and also implementing formal penetration tests
Got something you want to tell us, Nintendo?

They think like many tech firms - employ hackers to break everything to fix stuff.

It was a joke about the word penetration

And...the stability begins!


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