Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition will not see physical release in North America

Well this is some news I'm unhappy to share. A Square-Enix rep has confirmed that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition is going to be a digital-only title in North America. We don't have word on Europe, but it seems likely it'll remain digital only there as well. If you want a physical release, while not confirmed, it seems Japan is going to be the only option.

Thanks to ShurtugalTCG for the heads up.


Booooooooo. I want my physical games!

This the same for the PS4 version as well, or not? It may be due to the pricing, if this game is in the $20 range... Which unfortunately, another sign of the Switch's Carts coming back to haunt the system since it would cause a price hike at that pricepoint.

I mean, we can say that, but what other format is a system like this supposed to have?

Digital only, mini CDs, or upping the cost price of the system and lowering cart production costs to make them not as pricey? You gotta take sacrifices somewhere. Of course if this was a home console that used normal sized discs it would be a non issue.

Fri Sep 14 18 02:06am
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Digital only

No! Many of us want our physical copies. Plus, what knd of insane storage solution should the Switch have then? Games like DOOM or LA Noire take up A LOT of space.

mini CDs

No! The battery would be never last long enough. Plus moving parts in what can be used as a portable? You're asking for trouble.

upping the cost price of the system and lowering cart production costs to make them not as pricey?

Hell no! Who would have bought the console if it was even more expensive to start with?

This is a hybrid console and this is the price we have to pay for it.

When Nintendo launches their next home console, we'll sing a different tune!

Mini CDs??? Brother, you must have never owned a PSP.

I do own one, and I really enjoy it. Obviously i'd take carts on a handheld anyday, and I prefer playing digital games more on it due to faster load times, but I still think a solution like the UMD but better executed could be a solution to the storage/production woes the Switch carts cause. Some games on my PSP barely make loading noises, while those like Dissidia 012 sound like a wind tunnel.

Come on, man. I'd pay 40$ for a physical release of a 20/30 dollar game. Just give me the option to buy it the way I want!

I likely won't be buying it then. Unless it gets a big sale on the eshop.

That's a bummer.

But I've played the game enough that it's going to have to be cheap for me to get it anyway.

Hopefully, not all of the Final Fantasy stuff on Switch will follow this trend if so I will have a lot of money for other games instead.

Based on PS4 trends and the little we know about the other games:

FFVII ($15.99)
FFIX ($20.99)
World of FF Maxima (Unknown, likely $40-$50)
Chocobo's MD (Unknown, guessing $30)
FFCC (Unknown, probably $30 as well)

FFXII ($50)
FFX-X2 (20-40 depending on PS4 MSRP or if Square wants to make it close to the original MSRP)

To be fair, all of these but World of FF make sense since the other games aren't physical on PS4 or XB1 either. Though I do want a LE of Chocobo dungeon for my Mystery Dungeon collection...

Sat Sep 15 18 10:08am
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12 is the one I wanted the most so I am glad that it's getting a physical release, however, I think they are fools for not considering more of these for physical release a 7/9 collection would sell really good World of FF would sell pretty good as well and honestly they should give all of them a shot if they put out CC and Dungeon at $30 physical I bet they would sell pretty good too.

On the one hand, I'm not surprised, but on the other hand, goddammit.

Fri Sep 14 18 06:38am
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Thanks for using expensive media, Nintendo.

And the cheaper alternative is?


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