Amazon UK listing says Smash Bros. Ultimate has 71 fighters

Okay, this is pretty interesting. Either Amazon grabbed a number out of thin air, or they know a bit more info than we do. By all accounts, Smash Bros. Ultimate has seen 68 fighters revealed for the roster. That number isn't counting echo fighters, which would bump it up to 74. If the Amazon listing is correct, it seems that number would pertain to standard entrants and not echo fighters. That would have to mean 3 more fighters are yet to be revealed for the game. Certainly interesting, isn't it?!

UPDATE - I just wanted to add that we're seeing all kinds of math for the roster. Echo fighters, Pokemon Trainer counted differently, and all kinds of mixes. There doesn't seem to be a definitive number yet, but according to Eurogamer's count, we're at 68.

UPDATE 2 - Amazon has now removed the number from their listing.


Fri Sep 14 18 06:54pm
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Still hope for Waluigi.....NOT!!

I kid. Wonder who might be left if this is true?

Surely an ARMS character will make it in? Maybe Karen? Maybe the Labo Robot?!

Fri Sep 14 18 07:02pm
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It's just usng the pre-Isabelle fighter number, including Echoes

I kind of hope for a Space Invader.

A few more Fire Emblem characters. /s

I’m hoping for Geno!

The real question is, who will be the 69 fighter?

Fri Sep 14 18 07:49pm
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Gen 7 Pokemon (probably Inceniroar)

A Xenoblade rep (Rex or Elma)

Geno (the rumored Square Enix character)

This seems pretty likely IMO

Fri Sep 14 18 10:22pm
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I just hope these last 3 are 1st party characters. I don't really see anymore 3rd party characters getting in the base game without them feeling forced. Like all the classic 3rd party characters are there. Adding someone like Crash, Rayman, Doom Guy, Spyro, or Sora feels like a stretch to me. They aren't on the same level as Pac-Man, Simon Belmont, Sonic, Mega Man, Ryu, Cloud, etc. to me.

While I can't complain about this roster AT ALL I would be bummed if the 1st party reveals are finished. Dixie Kong (this one especially), Bandana Dee, Captain Toad, Gen 7 Pokemon (think is a given), Elma or Rex, Spring-Man, Issac, Chibi-Robo, Chorus Kids, Skull Kid, Paper Mario, Impa, Medusa, etc. Still a few more Nintendo characters to mine IMO.

Bomberman to me is the most iconic remaining 3rd party character, and he got stuck as an assist trophy.

That said, I've always wanted Professor Layton in Smash. That series has such a legacy with Nintendo he kinda feels like a 1st party character.

We're already at 73 if you count echoes, 68 if you don't, and 64 if you count characters like PK Trainer and the Mii fighter as one.

Basically this number is likely just something they came up with and wanted to use as a tagline to sell the game. There's no reason to assume that Amazon Uk would have inside information.

That's a very specific number. Usually people will say something like "Over 70 Fighters!" as a tag line. Since every fighter is given a number and there is such an emphasis on the whole character number on the site, I'm assuming that they saw the last character number on the roster (which was 71) and are using that. This wouldn't include echoes.

That's all neat as hell.

But how bout that Adventure Mode though?

68 characters with 6 echos, 74, make me thinks we have 5-6 left

So 3-4 echos and 2-3 new
Crash and/or Rayman could be in smash as activision’ and/or ubisoft reps. And we have 3 Rayman throphy in smash Wii u
Pokemon and/or Spring man/Chorus Kids/Isaac is most likely in that order

For echos I think Shadow, Dixie, Ken/Akuma, X and/or Octoling in that order


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