Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - cover art and pricing revealed

The Zodiac Job System – Improved character leveling system that now caters to the player’s preference

Trial Mode – Take on monsters and enemies in up to 100 consecutive battles

Latest-generation HD graphical capabilities, including characters and movie scenes fully remastered in high definition

True 7.1 surround sound, including high definition voicing and newly recorded background music utilizing the current generation of sound production

Modern advancements, including auto-save and shortened loading times

Grab yours here for $50


Eh, maybe if I ever see it for $20. Final Fantasy IX, however, is happening.

I'm still so excited Nintendo finally gets real Final Fantasy games on a main console after being shafted with the GCN, Wii and Wii U, (Excluding VC releases) and the fact Chocobo's Dungeon is getting a beautiful remake makes me super happy since that's the one FF spinoff next to Dissadia I've always been interested in.

Bring on FFII next, that's my favorite of the main games! So far... Maybe FFIX-X2 will take that spot.

Oh cool so FF12 is retail on Switch. I'm already guessing 7 and 9 will be eShop games (they're "digital only" on PS4 as well), but I wonder if X/X-2 will get a retail version as well (as it got physical releases on PS3 and PS4).

Also for anyone wondering about FF8, you can get it on Steam, but that's it. Plus Square barely supported the Steam version after release as, unlike the Steam version of FF7, they never officially patched in the PS1 soundtrack (meaning by default you have the PC MIDI soundtrack from the 2000 release). I think it's clear Square is aware of 8's "black sheep" status and opted to stick to fan favorites when deciding what to port to PS4 and Switch (also I guess it may be a long while before Square decides to do a "remastered trilogy" for the FF13 games given the reputation those have is still too fresh in the minds of many).

Sun Sep 16 18 05:49am
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I mean I'm glad it's boxed but 50?
I understand there are porting costs and whatnot but really this should be 30 at most when other versions can be found for 20€ now :/ I understand that there is a price difference but probably not that much.

Also for those wondering why VIII is not included, well, trolling aside (I hate the game and it personally made me laugh to see they just flat out skip it on switch) it sort of makes sense as it's probably the less nintendoesque of all ff games. VII is practically 6.5, IX is inspired by the classics and XII is pretty much the spiritual father of the Xenoblade series so it's pretty clear Nintendo fans have a itch for this type of rpgs. VIII on the other hand is not much to the nintendo fanbase. Well, as far as I'm concerned, not much other than the confirmation at the time that I should not have much to do with the "new generation" of FF games.


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