Suda51 talking with Marvelous to bring No More Heroes 1 and 2 to Switch

At the 7:20 mark in the video above, you can hear a snippet of a Suda51 interview in which the man himself says he's currently talking to Marvelous to bring both No More Heroes 1 & 2 to Switch. We've heard Suda51 show interest in the idea of porting these two games before, but this time he flat-out says talks are going on.

Thanks to Matt for the heads up!


I'd gladly double dip for both. Brilliant games both. I even liked the emptiness of the open world in the first game. Seemed an interesting commentary on the genre.

Mon Sep 17 18 10:40pm
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I never played those, I was looking for the Wii version but my WiiU decided that it doesn't want to work with TVs anymore, so a Switch version would be perfect.

I never played them. I would buy a Switch port.

If they could find a way to make motion controls optional on the Switch version, I'd consider kickin' some money in their direction.

Don't get me wrong, I much prefer gyro aiming in games like Resident Evil: Revelations or Splatoon 2 for example, but games that just used "waggle" controls, they were fine in the Wii era but I'm over it now.

The motion was the best part of No More Heroes. The timing of the slice that tore enemies in half added substantial punch to the game. Otherwise the game would have been just like every other hack and slash with simple button presses.

I'd hope the frame rate issues in #2 would be addressed if it happens.

Tue Sep 18 18 01:35am
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Please god yes, do it Suda!

Though make sure you bring the NMH Heroes Paradise remaster and not just an upscaled Wii port.

Seems like a no-brainer both of these games are great.

Recharging the beam katana...LOL. I would double dip easily on this. But akso start work on NMH3, goichi san.

The Ps3 remaster coupled to, at last, a remaster of number two. Bring it out i say!

Joycons will make this really fun. Fingers crossed!

Fix the sandbox in NMH1 and the performance in NMH2 and this is an easy buy. I'll pay $60 for this.

Hell even if they don't fix that shit I'll still be buying. Two of the best Wii games.

I would gladly upgrade my NMH Wii to Switch. The only thing I would like if this were to happen is dual audio.

I would charge so many dudes beam katanas to make this a reality.


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