Milka releasing Mario-themed holiday treats and toys

Nintendo and Milka are teaming up to release a line of Mario-themed holiday treats and toys. You can get the details on their lineup below.

2x Milka Mini Snowballs
2x Milka Kugeln Oreo
2y Milka Kugeln Classic
4x Super-Mario-Sticker
1x Super Mario Armband

Thanks to AstronoLukeNX for the heads up!

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Milka has to be my favorite chocolate brand I've ever had. Might be worth importing.

If you are in the USA maybe yeah.. but since I moved over to Europe Milka is actually just a mass produced candy from KRAFT foods.

You want to give Lindt or Rittersport a try. ;-)

Lindt? Yuck! Their Lindor Truffles taste like a mouthful of wax with barely any chocolate flavor at all...

Milka chocolate is really nice, probably some of the tastiest around. Speaking of Christmas, I seen Christmas themed confectionery on shop shelves already back in August, towards the end, but still August. Ridiculous! Every year, they seem to start earlier and earlier.

That's all well and nice but is it still packaged by marmots folding the alu-foil?

Those top ones are ADORABLY festive. I don't know why, but that kind of wrapped-candy-with-fluted-ends look just screams "Christmas!" to me! Cuuuute!

You do know why. They look like Christmas crackers.


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