Undertale on Switch might be teasing Toby Fox's next game

Everyone has been wondering what Toby Fox's next game is. How do you follow up something as big as Undertale? Well the port of Undertale to Switch might be teasing just that.

Above is an encounter with Clam Girl from the original version of Undertale. In the conversation, Clam Girl talks about meeting Suzy, a character that is never seen or mentioned by anyone else in the game.

Fast-forward to the Switch version of Undertale, and there's been a dialog change. This change may indeed be hinting at Toby's next step. Hit the jump if you don't mind some spoilers.

As you can see, the dialog has changed, and now it seems the meeting with Suzy is fast approaching. Could this be teasing Toby's next project? A spin-off of Undertale in some way? Toby certainly loves teasing fans through Undertale, and it's not outlandish to think this could be a reference to what's next.

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I hope it's something new entirely and has nothing to drop work the game, I might play it then.


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