IGN Video - How Nintendo Switch Online Cloud Saves Work

Everything you need to know about cloud saves for the Nintendo Switch - including how to access them from a second Switch.

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Does anyone know if only a single cloud backup can exist for a given game?

For example, can I backup my original BOTW playthrough save, start a new game and save and also backup that save without overwriting my original playthrough save? Why Zelda can’t have multiple saves is beyond me anyways!!

And if auto-sync to the cloud is enabled, and a game auto-saves, then it’s going to be impossible to go back to an older save is it not?

If I log into another Switch and download a game and save, play the game for a while, the new save gets uploaded. Then I go back to my main Switch does it get the more recent save or is there a risk that the main Switch will sync its (old) save up to the cloud?

Fri Sep 21 18 12:29am
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I don't know how it really work, but I can think of a way you could overwrite your "new" save you made on another Switch when Playing on your main one: If the main is not connected to the internet from before your new save is made, then you start playing and it get a connection before you save and trigger an upload. That would be very hard to manage, as which one is the one to keep? the one they already have, or the one you may have played 2 hours on your main? Which save do you want to keep? Some people would prefer the one from the otehr Switch, but some that prefer the way they fared better on that "second" save.. My guess is that they'll just overwrite it.
BUT. That is just guesses as a fan.
But on normal circumstances, I'd be surprised if they don't try to download the cloud backup before/when you start the game.


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