RUMOR - Nintendo customer service rep says if your Switch Online subscription expires, cloud saves have a grace period before deletion

This info comes from a Nintendo customer service rep, so take it with a grain of salt. We've seen them provide spot-on info in the past, and info that was completely incorrect.

According to one Nintendo customer service rep, your Switch cloud saves aren't deleted immediately if you cancel/let your Switch Online subscription lapse. Apparently there's a grace period before deletion, but no specific details on how long that period is were given. In other words, it's still going to be a gamble, but there might be a chance you can hang onto your saves if you re-up your subscription soon enough.

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All you have to do is wait the 7 days and see what happens.

So it's basically the same as PSN then. Dunno why people freak out if it's Nintendo but not anyone else

It only makes sense that there would be a grace period.

Thu Sep 20 18 05:31pm
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I just hate how we are so in the dark about this despite the delay and even after its released. We shouldn’t have to search for these answers.

Another "like DUH!2 moments. But what we should get to know is for how long is that "grace period"! Come on, Ninty! Share a little info! We know it's your first step into paid online, but come ooon!

Fri Sep 21 18 12:32am
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With this kind of vagueness, I'd wager there is no set time, so no answer. They will probably do timed swipes (like once per month or every two weeks) deleting all the lapsed accounts at that time. That would mean that it could be removed after 2 days, or after a month, if you're lucky. That's how Pokemon Bank work BTW.

I paid for a year, so I'm good for now. Then again I rarely take the Switch out of the dock. Less chances for me ruining it ;)

Thu Sep 20 18 06:23pm
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Nintendo is and has always had great customer services, they don’t want to screw over their customers in areas like this so I don’t think they would ever delete the data one day later but they can’t keep everything forever.

Thu Sep 20 18 07:28pm
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No one should expect saves to be kept forever. But these things need to be better communicated. Poor communication is responsible for a lot of unnecessary negativity. But that sure was a cute video with the Mario characters they put out. It was completely worthless - but look at Luigi get his Switch crushed!

Fri Sep 21 18 05:51pm
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I agree that a "grace period" is pretty vague. But you have a whole year to decide whether to prolong your subscription or not. Situations like 'I couldn't get the money for NSO in time, I just needed one more day!' really shouldn't be a problem at all!
On the other hand, we're human. And I'm one of those procrastinators who takes his sweet time. -.-

Well, you can always extend your membership. There's really no reason why you would ever hit the end of your subscription if you don't want to. Just extend it a month before it expires and never worry about your precious cloud backup again.


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