Check out specifics on what Switch Online NES games your friends are playing

Want to be a deeper layer of nosy when it comes to seeing what your friends are up to when they're playing the Switch? If they're checking out a Switch Online NES game, you can check out their profile and click through to get more details on the game itself. You know, just incase you had no idea what Super Mario Bros. was...

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It's so you can see what your friend is currently playing online so you can make an informed decision to join. And playtimes are always great. I can't believe someone downvoted this.

Some are never satisfied. I'm happy for this service. Where else am I gonna get online multiplayer NES games for $20 per year and still support the developer?

I was curious. No surprise there.
But yeah. That's cool. Too often these kind of "X in one" game services doesn't do well with these "what your friends are playing" notifications.

Fri Sep 21 18 05:08pm
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Nice bit for those already joining the service, but I still fail to see how this should be persuading me for paying for peer-to-peer online multiplayer on console.

You do you, people...


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