Nintendo responds to fan's wish to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Chris Taylor is a Nintendo fan who has been diagnosed with cancer. He was unsure as to whether or not he would have the opportunity to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before the game launched. Because he was bedridden, he was unable to attend any preview events where the game would have been playable.

Fortunately, a group of fellow Nintendo fans got together and contacted Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Canada to see if Chris could be granted the opportunity to play the game. The Nintendo of Canada team then traveled to his home with the E3 demo and set up the game so that he and a few of his friends could play the game for a few hours. 

We also hope that Chris is able to overcome his battle with cancer! If you'd like to show him your support, you can follow his Twitter account.


Fri Sep 21 18 04:20pm
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YES! I love hearing this! No one should go without playing this smash brothers!

I couldnt even imagine if this happened to me. Waiting 17 years for K.Rool to FINALLY join the cast only to be diagnosed with terminal cancer mere months before release...sad to even think about. I wish him the best of luck and hope he can overcome and fight it. If I had the money right now I would definitely donate.

Hopefully, he recovers. I am glad Nintendo did that for him.

Nice to see such a positive story. I know things don't look great for Chris Taylor, I thought I had heard previously that his cancer is terminal. I hope not, keep the faith and keep the good fight. I had a similar situation with a family member, things were real bad and for years but they eventually made a recovery. Of course, it's taken a hefty toll. Anyway, fair play to Nintendo.

It is terminal, sadly. He actually has since stopped taking treatments to no longer delay the inevitable. He is expected to pass before the release.


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