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Nintendo has 'no comment' on Bowsette

by rawmeatcowboy
26 September 2018
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Nintendo has been trending on social media worldwide for the last few weeks. The first trend had to do with Toad and the world of politics...and that's all I'll say. The second worldwide trend was related to Bowsette, the fan idea of what happens when you combine Bowser with the Super Crown. You know Nintendo is well aware of the groundswell of support for Bowsette, but what do they think of it? Nintendo was asked by Japanese website J-Cast News for comment on the matter, and here's what they said.

“Concerning the drawings and other things uploaded to the Internet, we have no comment.”

What I wouldn't give to actually hear what higher-ups at Nintendo think about all this. I mean, can you imagine Miyamoto's opinion on the matter?!