Super Mario Party - North American commercial

The original 4-player Mario Party series board game mode that fans love is back, and your friends and family are invited to the party! Plus, if you pre-purchase Super Mario Party on Nintendo eShop or Nintendo.com, you can earn 300 My Nintendo Gold Points! Super Mario Party is available Oct. 5th, only on Nintendo Switch.

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Why is this called a "Shadows" trailer.

That sounds like some surprisingly dark story trailer, not a commercial...

Also, over a minute long, a lot of this footage might be used in the TV commercial, but this itself is just a trailer.

(Yes I know shadows appear in the trailer, but that doesn't mean it makes sense or is a fitting title....)

I know what you mean. I was honestly expecting some kind of in depth story mode with unlockable characters. Footage of some random people playing a game is hardly what I was expecting.

Nice that Nintendo is doing marketing... but this isn't an ad, so at this point its just a pointless trailer. Other footage from the past 2 months is going to help a lot more in selling this game than this trailer.

Sat Sep 29 18 01:35am
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It's a commercial, just the extended version. Notice how each segment is showcasing different parts of the target market. The commercials online and on television will be spliced versions of this extended commercial based on the platform/program it's connected to.

Plus, not all commercials/ads are :15 or :30 anymore with the popularity of streaming services.

Oh for sure this will become their commercial, but this upload itself seems to be acting just as a trailer.
A trailer few subs on their channel will really care about, maybe not a well titled video....

Hints at why there is no pro controller support ;)

IMO, this is how video games should be played, in local mp.

My family can have an awkward and slow tricycle race?! SOLD!


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