RUMOR - Animal Crossing Switch could see release in Q1/Q2 2019

When Animal Crossing Switch was announced in the last Nintendo Direct, many figured it would be quite some time until we saw the game land on Switch. Rumor has it that might not be the case though, as inside sources are claiming we could see the game as early as Q1/Q2 2019. One of those sources is PixelPar, who leaked the Animal Crossing Switch announcement shortly before the Nintendo Direct went live. Seeing the game hit the Switch that soon would certainly be a welcome surprise. Let's hope this rumor actually plays out!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!


I'd be up for some AC early next year.

I could see Animal Crossing Switch coming out around June or July of next year but that's just my guess.

It's gonna arrive in Summer 2019.

Tue Oct 02 18 12:27pm
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For Nintendo, Summer is Q1/Q2


As long as it's not winter, winter is the worst time to start Animal Crossing.

How is winter defined (I'm in Hawaii)? Wild World was released in Japan in November 2005, and in December 2005 in the US. City Folk was November 2008. New Leaf was November 2012 in Japan but was a Summer release for the US in 2013. The New Leaf update, Welcome amiibo did release in November 2016 though.

I'd welcome an earlier release date, but it often releases around November-ish (get those Christmas items!).

Tue Oct 02 18 02:30pm
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I'm more concerned about it being winter in game as there is less to do.

Tue Oct 02 18 12:38pm
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"Leaked Animal Crossing before the Direct" isn't exactly a credential.

Every leak for any event would try to hype people with "Animal Crossing this time!" because eventually you'll be right.

That said, I could see that happening, but no earlier than like May.

Tue Oct 02 18 06:36pm
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Unless he guessed how it would be revealed, I agree. Regardless, he did get the Pokémon Let’s Go titles and setting correct before they were announced so he supposedly has some connection to Nintendo/someone at Nintendo.

It seems crazy that Animal Crossing would come out early 2019 and not be mentioned during 2018's rather disappointing E3, but I suppose it's not impossible.

I hope it comes early. I mean, it could have been in production for quite some time already. And since Nintendo seems to have been in the habit of revealing things only after they’re sure it’s coming, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s relatively near completion.

As with MP4 non of us know actually for how long this has been i development, so it COULD happen. I am sure we have at least one more Direct this year. The closest I have come to play an AC game is the track in MK8 ;) Buuut, the Switch all the big hitters it can get.

Shouldn’t be a big surprise to see it coming sooner rather than later. This game has been in the works for a very long time if it’s assumed that they were working on it for Wii U initially. My bet is that they were gunning for a 2015/2016 launch (a good 3-4 years after New Leaf) but Nintendo decided to move it over to Switch when it became apparent that the Wii U was doomed and had them make amiibo festival with the assets.

If that’s the case, I really hope this is the most ambitious Animal Crossing to date. I hope they’ve really gone crazy with ideas and it’s not just gonna feel like New Leaf HD with a couple additions here and there (a la City Folk).

March or April would a great time to release it but that's wishful thinking. It may come out in the summer.


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