Stormy Daniels says she's gotten tons of hate mail from Mario Kart fans

Stormy Daniels and Toad from Mario Kart. That's all I need to say for you to know what this story is about. I'm not going to get into more detail than that if you don't already know! We've talked about this story in the past, but last night Stormy Daniels shared a bit on the backlash from Nintendo fans. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, we hear that Stomy has gotten a lot of hate mail from Nintendo fans who don't like what she's done to their memories of Toad in Mario Kart.

If you want to get more context on the situation, you can hit the jump and watch the video starting at the 8:32 mark. It's very adult in nature, which is why I'm giving this warning. Thanks to ZachGrubes for the heads up!

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As opposed to Nintendo fans in general? We're all Mario Kart fans, first and foremost. Why would anyone give her abuse over this?

Wed Oct 03 18 04:22pm
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This is idiotic beyond reason.
Those so called ¨Nintendo fans¨ need to chill out asap.

Wed Oct 03 18 04:30pm
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It's because she said Toad from Mario Kart and not from Mario, isn't it? / sarcasm.

Oh god, another person over the age of 30 saying "that's epic". It's trying so hard to be hip and cool that it hurts. It hurts how fake that is.

This has NOTHING to do with Toad from Mario Kart it Mario series! WTF people?!

Wed Oct 03 18 06:52pm
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That didn't really explain anything. Anyone care to explain, or do I have to google this myself?

Edit: OK, I Googled. So, Donald Trump will be in Mario Kart 9 now? Together with Trumpette perhaps?

Wed Oct 03 18 07:17pm
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Hating a person that is popular to hate does not also make bulling them a good thing that is OK to do. Don't complain when people are bullying others for possible physical abnormalities if you are not any different.

Wed Oct 03 18 07:34pm
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So ... she's famous for bumping uglies with Donald Trump?
EDIT: Ah, she's also an adult actress, my mistake, didn't know.
Now she wrote a book about it to shame him and cash in?

Look, I have little to no respect for Trump, but honestly I feel about the same towards these kinds of people.

Exactly, and now she's using Nintendo characters to get more attention via pop culture appeal and also the flip-side controversy of invoking an innocent Mario character in such a way.

Tacky as hell. Ready for society to move on from glamorizing and fixating on crap like this.

Just watch, she'll have a reality show within the year. Basically another "Kardashian" type of person that is famous for basically no discernable reason.

Thu Oct 04 18 06:42am
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Yet unlike those fake-ass(heh) garbage sluts, dis chick might actually have information of National security that'll be a great help in clearing out the dipshits plaguing Capital Hill.

Would love for that to happen, but still would not watch a reality show about her. :P

Hahaha, yeah definitely not.


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