Super Mario Party boosting sales of Joy-Cons around the world, causing shortages

The only way to play Super Mario Party is with a Joy-Con. Some people already have a set, but if you're looking for a real party, you'll need four Joy-Con altogether. That's why it's no surprise to see people snatching up Joy-Con bundles left and right.

As a matter of fact, the rush to purchase Joy-Cons has caused a bit of a shortage around the world! Various places across Europe, as well as Japan, have all reported low stock for Joy-Con, and sometimes no stock at all! Hopefully Nintendo can remedy the situation soon.

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Wed Oct 10 18 10:23pm
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I mean technically everyone owns a set of joycon lol. But I can see why this is increasing sales. Especially since if you want to do 3 person mario party you still have to buy a full set since you can't buy one by itself. Unless you buy one already opened on ebay or something.

You most definitely can buy individual joycon.
https://www.nintendo.com/switch/buy-now/ Grey only though

Wed Oct 10 18 11:09pm
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Bought a second set along the Switch on release day. I was set from the start. ;)
Has been very practical, leaving a pair on the switch to charge, only swapping them out when the others are dead.

Thu Oct 11 18 07:42pm
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I have 8 total. I bought 6 in August when I bought ARMS. I was set for Super Mario Party, which I have been enjoying since launch.

I too have 8 joy-con. One set of Grey, One set of Yellow, One Neon Red, One neon Blue, One Neon Green, and One Neon Pink. I also have 2 charge grips so keep them on the charger and a set on the console so I never have non-charged joycon.

"No one is going to buy this" they said
"No one likes playing with joycons" they said

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