Super Mario Cereal sees release in Mexico

Super Mario Cereal may have come and gone here in the states, but it's going to get a chance to live on in Mexico. Kellogg's has announced that the cereal can now be found in Sam’s Club locations across Mexico. It seems the only way to grab a box is in a special bundle that includes two boxes for 149 pesos. ...and yes, the amiibo functionality is still included!

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Now with 100% less Yoshi

I need to get it and fast, but the nearest Sam's Club is kinda far from where I live which is a shame.

The nearest Sam's Club to my house doesn't have it. I need to go all the way to the other side of the city to see ifvthe other store has it.

I spotted the two-pack in a Sam’s Club in Southern California today. The packaging is in English and does indeed have the amiibo functionality. I have also seen the single boxes in stock at Target. I had seen the cereal in the new, blue packaging (without the amiibo) at other stores, but it looks like there was a bigger demand for the original red box. Time to scoop up a “delicious” amiibo!

If you're not a member of Sam's Club, remember there's the Open House from Oct.18th until the 23rd. This will be my chance to snag a box (or should I say, 2 boxes?).


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