MariCAR continues using Nintendo character costumes even after losing their lawsuit

MariCAR, the Japanese go-kart service that offers up Nintendo-themed costumes for their rides, recently lost a legal battle with Nintendo. The results of the lawsuit include MariCar dropping Nintendo-themed costumes and paying $90k in damage. While MariCAR has changed their name to MariMobility, they've decided to stick with the costumes.

As recently as this week, MariMobility is still offering users Nintendo costumes for their go-kart rentals. It seems the MariMobility gang thinks they can get the ruling overturned, as they're currently appealing the decision. It's a risky gamble, as MariMobility could find themselves in even more trouble if they lose the appeal.

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Tue Oct 16 18 11:46pm
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Instead of suing them, Nintendo should just buy this company and use them to promote current and future mario kart games. It is really a wasted opportunity of publicity what Nintendo is doing right now

Wed Oct 17 18 12:09am
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Nintendo surely isn't about those few bucks from them. And I don't think Mario Kart needs any advertisement anymore.
I heard that this Mario Kart thing on the streets is a pretty fun, but dangerous as well.
When there will be an horrible accident some day, nobody wants to be responsible.

Nintendo is making a theme park. They are doing exactly that.

Wed Oct 17 18 07:06am
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I see those in Tokyo on public streets, like all the time. You never see any Japanese drive them. It's always foreigners. And they are driving like jerks.

Oh, of course, it's a tourist trap.

Wed Oct 17 18 05:49pm
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I think the picture RMC used for the article shows that.

It's almost like they don't care that they are making money off of Ninty's intellectual property. The literal definition of copyright infringement.


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