Target might want to rethink this Switch demo station placement

You can just tell this demo station was set up by someone who was having a particularly bad day. They just wanted to get the demo station set up and get home. I wonder how long the demo station has been set up like this!

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Hey maybe support beams want to get their gaming fix too.

The Sony Playstation Illuminati did this, but they are not aware of the Mighty Nintendo Ninjas!

Yeah, I just woke up- =)

Hey maybe support beams want to get their gaming fix too.

I'd say the person who set this up was beaming with pride. They should have taken a pole of peoples thoughts on the matter before setting up.

That they didn't notice this error when they set up that demo unit is beyond me..

Side note: Are joy-cons securely attached to Switch demo stations?

Wed Oct 17 18 09:53am
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Aren't these things set up by an actual Nintendo sales rep?

As a former Target Team Member, Nintendo reps are the ones who set these up, typically. It's entirely possible that Target just gave them a shite place to put it and they had to make do, but that was definitely done by Nintendo

That Nintendo set this demo kiosk up makes this even funnier.

Does it? Maybe they told them (Nintendo people) that "here! This is your spot. Make the fucking best out of it!". I want the actual story before I jump to conclusions.. And yeah, I am not half asleep now as when I wrote first comment ;)

Well, Nintendo did say the Switch will be their Third Pillar.

HAHAAAAAH! You funny bunny, you! Smile

Did they ”target” that support beam?

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