Barack Obama says he doesn't care about Pokemon

Former president Barack Obama has put out a video urging people to get out there and vote. Right in the beginning of the video, he uses an analogy about Pokemon to try and woo people towards the polls. You can check out the snippet for yourself right at the beginning of the video. I'm sure his statement alone is enough to push some Pokemon fans away from the voting booth!

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Wed Oct 17 18 06:04pm
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Embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as Hillary trying to use Pokemon Go to get votes.


Wed Oct 17 18 06:08pm
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Better than the whole Pokemon Go to the polls thing, although the fact that he won't be able to get in and capitalize on a hit Pokemon meme such as Spewpa/Pyukumuku is very sad as it would actually be pretty amusing to hear anyone of his age try to say those two Pokemon names and meme it up.

one day, Spewpa will come back in Smash Bros. And then I can show his epic meme potential once again. I mean, him in amie is just pure meme bait, how can you not love him

I didn't think he was embarrassing. I'm not a Democrat, but Barack nails the "cool dad" persona.

The entire time I had to mentally check and make sure I wasn't gonna call him dad, cause his mannerisms and speech was spot on my dad. Dude is a Legendary Saint and I love how involved he is when not even in the job, like can't even think of any past President in Modern Era who did the same.

It's not too bad of a video but I don't like the idea that people aren't voting because they can't relate to the candidates and because there are more women and LGBTQ candidates now than ever before you should finally feel ok to vote. I didn't know I was supposed to vote for people of my same gender, orientation, race, etc. It has never stopped me from voting before. I mean, I thought these characteristics weren't supposed to matter? I thought a person's values and policy ideas were what mattered and these things were specifically things that shouldn't matter? I guess I have been doing it wrong.

Wed Oct 17 18 06:59pm
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You vote how ever you want, bro.

While values and policies should be the biggest reasons to vote for a candidate, the fact that the political field is becoming more diverse shouldn't be something to sneeze at (or resent).

When you got majority male politicians dragging their feet on (or actively voting against) women's issues, or non-LGBTQ folks putting in discriminatory policies (such as the bathroom bill) or disregarding their right/freedom to live and love (obviously not all politicians), it makes a case that few will represent them better than someone from their demographic.

Representation most definitely matters on multiple levels. And the fact that there's still a few "firsts" that are happening in politics despite this country being over 240 years old says a lot about who's legit had a seat at the table up to this point.

I just feel like I am being simplified and don't like it. Like a woman should just vote for the woman candidate, since all woman think alike or want the same things. Men would never be simplified like that; it is assumed a man will study the issues and make a decision based on thoughtful consideration but a woman shouldn't worry her little head over such things and will just vote for the woman candidate because we are both women. That is what I feel like is being said to me all the time.

I'm sorry if people have been putting that kind of pressure on you. We're going through a weird time where diversifying the political field has become a big point of contention for multiple reasons. Of course, that doesn't mean you're obligated to vote for a candidate just because you're both part of the same demographic. But I also hope the social pressure isn't forcing you to be contrarian if the female candidates actually DO hold the same values/policies closer to your heart than another.

While I can't fully relate to what you're going through - as I'm not female - being a black dude, I can tell you that political expectations among my demographic can also be a bit messy in its own way. Even without a black candidate in the running.

I think I'd be bogging this comment section down pretty hard if I went any further into that. :U

Thanks. The idea that people don't vote because the choices don't include someone of their gender, race, and sexual orientation is just a very sorry excuse. We are all individuals and most of us have been taught our whole lives that race, gender, and sexual orientation are superficial things that don't matter. I just can't understand someone going "oh finally someone who is like me (superficially) is running so now I feel I can vote". If I won't vote for someone who isn't my race, isn't that racist and if I won't vote for someone who isn't my gender, isn't that sexist? I want more women to run for office but I will never just hand them a sexist vote based on a superficial connection. I like Obama but just found that part of the video really offensive. I hope everyone will get out and vote and that people aren't sitting around waiting to cast a vote for a specific race or gender. It seems to me like a person doing that would have race and/or gender issues (and perhaps racist or sexist views).

I fall into the LGBTQ+ category, and all I want from a candidate is to not marginalize myself and folks like me. I just want to live my life as who I am, and honestly, it really has no effect on the lives of anyone else. Just was born in a gender that doesn't fit my identity. If, say, someone like Caitlyn Jenner or Chaz Bono were to run in an election I was voting in, I sure as hell wouldn't vote for them on the fact that they're trans, in fact, the fact that Jenner is legitimately supporting the current majority, despite the anti-trans regulations this administration has continued to push, shows exactly why someone can't be taken on WHO they are, but rather where they stand.

Either way... just happened that Obama was more in-line with my ideals. I don't relate with a lot of the candidates out there for any office, I just vote for the least likely to screw things up. And for the record, I always vote, every single election. (Only downside is, I've gotten Jury Duty summons like... 3 times as a result. ^^; Though 3 times in 13 years isn't too awful, I guess.)

Anyway, sorry folks are pushing stupid ideas on why you should vote, just... ya know, vote the way you want. I don't know your personal stance, but I mean, I'd stand up for your right to have said stance if it were ever called into question. Anyone saying otherwise is just... ignorant.

Thanks. And thank you for voting each election. Ever since I started voting I try to make my decision carefully based on issues that matter to me. I'm not waiting for a candidate who is like me superficially to come along so I can finally vote. I'm not attacking Obama, but the people who use that as a reason not to vote as mentioned in the video. I vote for the candidate who is most like me on values and policy ideas, which may not even be the one who is most like me superficially.

I respect Obama a little more, now, for his view on Pokemon.

Wed Oct 17 18 07:34pm
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Admittedly, Pokemon as it has been lately is quite hard to get excited about. But I know that's not what he was talking about. I'm not even bothered. Obama not caring for a media franchise that I do? Not a problem at all compared to the actual problems with the current "president".

Well it IS good to now the man who ran the country for 8 years wasnt playing pokemon. Hopefully our current president also doesnt like pokemon.

Our current President doesn't like Video games period.

No.. Our current POS.. sorry.. Pot...POS can't even get off the damn golf course except to whine on twitter like a three year old.

Thu Oct 18 18 12:57am
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Why would Trumpster Fire play Pokemon when he spends all his time on Twitter?

Lol yea that's true.

Wed Oct 17 18 08:48pm
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Just another one of many reasons he was a terrible president

Wed Oct 17 18 10:14pm
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*leader of the free world for 8 years*

*can't pronounce PoKAYmon despite having over 20 years to learn*

(before peeps get their panties in a twist, the above post is totally a joke)

Well to be fair.. Even the show can games can't pronounce the specific names correctly sometimes. :D

Curious why the President of one country is often referred to as the leader of the free world?

Heck if I know, but it makes it sound more important, so that's why I went with it. :p

As an American, I never really understood why, save for the fact that a lot of history was "written" by the US, the old saying "He who wins the war, writes history." Basically some sort of arbitrary posturing based on how we force democracy on others.

Either that, or the line "in the Land of the free, and the home of the brave" from our National Anthem. Literally taking that first part as the main descriptor. Regardless, I never thought much about it until now. All I can say is, I doubt anyone else really thinks too deep on it, either. It's just drilled into us from childhood.

It seems a bit arrogant to me. Any leader of a free democratic country could be called “leader of the free world”. POTUS isn’t that special, certainly not these days for sure.

Not that I care, just wondered if there was a legit reason the term is used.

This is a very self-aware statement. Even though he personally doesn't care about Pokemon, he recognizes it is still huge and has longevity. Also, he is so classy. Miss him.

Oh right, that's what a president looks like.

I know, it's been so damn long, right?

... shit, it's not even been 2 years? >.<;

Thu Oct 18 18 12:00am
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Good video. It's never a waste to vote. Anyone who likes the idea of living in a free, democratic society, should express that by voting.

Well… Nobody's prefect.

Obama has always been very charismatic and plays the role of "cool dad". I really like him. His comment on Pokémon might be seen as offensive by some, but I see how he recognizes that Pokémon is still a hit and still has a strong fanbase. Weird would be he quoting something that no one has heard of for 20 years. Points for you, Mr. Obama.

Thu Oct 18 18 09:40am
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/looks at top comment chain

my mind brain has a hurt pain...


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