Super Mario Odyssey - Zombie outfit and new Snapshot filters added

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I wish they'd put the effort in to more actual gameplay content

This. Offer ways to get easy money at the very least instead of doing Bowser's Kingdom over and over again.

Also, just a quick question, if I were to start a new game, would I also need to get these costumes to get that star on the save file?

Thu Oct 18 18 06:37am
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Th fact that they still aren't cashing in on dlc kingdoms makes me think they're just gonna make a sequel

Getting Coins is quick and easy in Balloon Mode, at least.

Love this costume, I am so glad they actually let us make Mario a Zombie. It is so refreshing to see Mario look so wack as he does in so many of these costumes.

Also so appropriate, we can defeat Bowser using an Axe~

Ridley couldn't keep him down.

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